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The Gem of June 

Two years ago, the Alchemy of Routine team visited a small town in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Visoko. On Google, you can find a comprehensive explanation regarding the geological and historical position, where the Visoko Valley, in which Visoko is situated, was an early center of the medieval state in Bosnia, the Bosnian Banate, and later the self-proclaimed Kingdom. The flag of Visoko features a fortress because the old town located on Visočica Hill was a politically significant fortress. Since 2006, Visoko has been visited by tens of thousands of tourists in all seasons due to the Bosnian pyramids: Sun, Moon, Love, Dragon, and the Temple of Mother Earth, whose discoverer is the voice recognized even by domestic and Egyptian experts in science and ancient pyramids – Dr. Semir Osmanagić. This is the reason we came this week, as well as in December two years ago.

At that time, we marked the Winter Solstice tour with a small group and a guide to the Sun Pyramid, and in a private arrangement the next day, we also went to the Dragon. Here I will not delve into the geometric and other mathematical calculations associated with numerous scientific directions that established the precise features of the ancient pyramids, according to the analyses initiated by Mr. Osmanagić, who turned the whole town into a gold mine due to his persistent work and vision that what he discovered should certainly be shared with the world. There is minimal information on the internet about the incredible heritage older than the ancient Egyptian pantheon in every sense.

I will write about the pyramids through my own experiences and conversations with our dear guide Ajdin, a member of the Visoko Bosnian Pyramids Foundation, which are absolutely comprehensive. The energy of this geometric experience is definitely pentagrammatic. Let some readers not be offended by the freedom of artistic expression, but such are the real experiences of life.


The first experience was the Ravne 2 Tunnels, the Sun Pyramid, and the Dragon. From this perspective, I would say that we were both wrong and right.

The Tunnels are always the underground of our subconscious. And that is the first step towards the evolutionary development of our brain and overall health balance, and then the hardest game you can turn from unconscious to conscious. The Ravne 2 Tunnels are an exceptional network and frequencies trapped in time for thousands of years. Corridors charged with negative ions, megalithic mysticism, forbidden chambers, emerald standing waters, and the fiery element of runes.


Retrospectively, it was interesting for me to notice how at each location the opposite energy from the assumed logical connection was activated. In the tunnels, my thumb – the element of Fire and the Finger of Power was activated, which is not surprising, but what is unusual – the activation of Venus and Mars in the subconscious underground. Thus, the awakening of feminine, potent energy in the position of a warrior, I believe, can bring interesting experiences to any individual regardless of gender, but also challenges due to energies that are not in their natural position.

The Sun Pyramida fortress with a precise orientation to the cosmic North. The energy of the solar sun in its most potent position and the enhanced influence of masculine solar energy that can be a striking surge of positive change towards exploring our own possibilities and directions in which we can become a more complete and brighter version of ourselves. On the pyramid, the energy around the Sun, around which everything revolves, in the center of the Central Galaxy of personal self-development, the activation is based on the element of Earth. Structure awakens.

The Dragon is located at the top of a forest tunnel of incredible Promethean fire which, from my perspective, is advisable to approach with respect. Because Saturn’s teachings are hard but just. And they bring the most luxurious gifts. But the ether loves the correctness of the well-directed Dragon’s Fire. At the most potent point of this forest pyramid – the Portal of the Tree of Life stands.


In this pyramid tour with our guide Ajdin, he says he is glad that we have come again and want to visit the other 3 pyramids, which he says are unjustly neglected and that hardly any visitors go to them intentionally besides the Sun Pyramid and the Dragon and the tunnels. Actually, this is just the introduction and conclusion to everything I want to write in this article. In this Game of Life, conquering only one or two peaks for me, who greatly values the overview of the game and the broader picture – would signify defeat. If we imagine the pinnacle of human evolution in the infinite galactic expanse as a pentagram where the personal best description of the five-pointed star I find through the Islamic explanation of Solomon’s Seal – that each of the peaks signifies in order – love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice, then indeed this connection with the Bosnian pyramids and their peaks has juicy wisdom to offer. If besides those five peaks from the earth to the sky, we decide to go a little underground, we will get a hexagonal star or David’s Star. Whatever philosophical, religious, or life orientations we have, no one likes the underground, but as the Star of David represents – there await us kindness, seriousness, harmony, perseverance, brilliance, foundations, and noble status or Blue Blood of the Lineage. Also, the Star of David represents, since medieval times – the union of male and female energy.

In us. And then in interaction. The hexagonal star is a symbol of divine rule in the Universe and protection in six directions North, South, East, West, Sky, and Underground. If we go a little through geometry, the hexagon from the 17th century begins to represent the Jewish community and Judaism and is also a symbol of the Promised Land – Israel.

The geometric puzzle just begins there, do not get lost. Stone and water are the most receptive media for energy transfer. The Egyptian pyramids are in the desert. Bosnian at the source of natural elevations and the flow of the emerald-gold river Fojnica. Two powerful media. If we also know that the primary crystal system, the hexagonal system, includes arsenic, calcite, dolomite, quartz, apatite, tourmaline, emeralds, rubies, cinnabar, and graphite, then with a slightly more open data nerve system we can conclude that the journey to the pyramids before the physical establishment goes through the medicine and geometry of stone and water. One way or another.

The Pyramid of Love. Intuitively, I chose accommodation for my Alchemy of Routine team, and our cottage in Visoko was located exactly between the Sun Pyramid and Love on one side, and the Moon Pyramid, Dragon, and Mother Earth on the other side. The river flowed in a horizontal frequency and physical plane.

At the first most potent point of the Pyramid of Love, there is a cherry tree. Plants, like stone and water, are ancient Medicines in absolutely every corner of the World. They primarily make up our Lungs, and the lungs are our Heart. Ancient whisperers of symbols of every alchemy. Wild and sweet cherries are symbols of love both in the land of the Rising Sun and in every story since this world, man, and woman. Romance and love at the top of the Pyramid of Love. But at the second, or the main or final potential point of the Pyramid of Love, there is a hornbeam tree wrapped in the mysticism of a supernatural herbal pharmacy. Confidence, flexibility of physical and intellectual muscles, good taste, luxury, strength…. All these are vibrations that go with the hornbeam tree. And in front of the hornbeam tree at the most potent point of the Pyramid of Love – a view of the Dragon and Mother Earth. A view from above.

I will conclude the image of the Pyramid of Love with the image we watched in front of our cottage. The Pyramid of Love and the Sun in inseparable physical contact make a perfect Upper arch of the geometric shape of the Heart. And at the foot, a Cemetery. A lot to think about. On the physical and metaphysical plane.

The Moon Pyramid. The most potent point 1 – the attempt of the locals to dig a well that resulted in the discovery of stone slabs that are geometrically – layers of Pandora’s box.

The most potent point 2. – a playground! That is actually the most accurate word to describe the Energy of Luna, the energy of every woman. Playground! On the Moon grow Apple and Plum. Oh, how unpredictable. Eve or Luna, the place from which everything is excellently seen. Both the Sun and Love, and the Dragon, and the Temple of Mother Earth. That irresistible broader picture that only feminine energy can bring. That irresistible red apple, when young fresh, when ripe – brandy. We drank some. And the plum intertwined exaltedly in a pair above the spirals of the infinite cycle of life whispering about family, renewal, and hope.





On the Moon, excellent Bosnian coffee was drunk, apple brandy warmed the palate, just like the nine puppies who saw the outside world for the first time.

It spun in spirals in both directions as only Venus can. And it tiptoed on stone blocks 15 thousand years old. A snake also found us as we moved towards the Apple. We carried it and left it on the tree of our ancestors. Where it belongs. And on the Moon Pyramid and on Love, the little fingerMercury’s Waters were activated. While the Fojnica River and the old Bridge that divides the standing from the flowing part – Saturn’s ring of the etheric experience of the conscious seeker.


Pyramid Temple of Mother Earth. To the most potent point of the Temple of Mother Earth, you need to put in some effort, said our guide Ajdin, and I would absolutely agree. As we climb, we feel physical exertion. This is known to anyone who has ever plowed the land or hiked.

You also need to ground yourself after all these peaks. And there is no better grounding than effort. There is also no deeper connection with your own and physical nature than effort. And without Mother Earth, there is no abundance in our lives. Walking towards the most potent point of Mother Earth, we encountered an Eagle and the perfect rhythm of Nature in which everything has a purpose. And every growth is intertwined with the food growth of another living organism. That’s how it is in nature. She is the symbol of feminine energy that gives birth to new life and gentle power and wisdom.

But it also teaches us about taking responsibility to care equally for our home and everything around us that gives us life. Gaia is the wheel of all existence. Arriving among the ferns and wildflowers, grounding was activated through the heel of the right foot. The heel is a symbol of status and wealth through the power of Will. The broader picture becomes clearer. We are at the top when we conquer all the Peaks and the underground waters of the Shadow. If we have properly redistributed the energy of our Merkabah, we ultimately get there. And the top is not the end, but just the beginning.

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