Crystal Art Deco

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Step into a world where art and nature converge, where the beauty of crystals and minerals interwind with the realm of decorative design.

Within this category, you will discover a treasure trove of raw crystals, meticulous hand-selected from some of the most energetic wild places all over the Europe, for their mesmerizing colors, unique patterns, and metaphysical properties. Our artisans and litho-therapists delicately enhance these natural wonders, adding a touch of refinement to their raw beauty. Through the art of décor and feng shui principles, we create pieces that not only captivate the eye but also emanate positive energy, transforming any space into sanctuary of ‘dolce vita’.

“Your art décor collection of minerals utterly exceeds any other museum or a gallery with art deco secession, or Loui the XIV art pieces, not by decades, centuries, but by LIGHT YEARS!”
Tom Benzon
Musician, London, UK