Raw Crystal Story





The month of May blooms, the Phoenix rises.

From the ashes of the hearts to shine with every layer of purification like noble metals in their primordial, untreated form.


On the ashes, I found a Heart of Gold.


Eclipses and profound teachings of the planet Venus have touched every being on the Planet in the past two months. Whether we were aware of it on intellectual or sensitive way or unconsciously going through certain turbulence.

The technological world is advancing at lightening speed, and progress is necessary for people in their inner engineering. And growth and progress hurt.

Even the gym hurts, but we know why we go there. The mindset is also a kind of muscle that needs to grow and form to be ready to integrate the secrets of the Universe amidst all the old and learned paradigms. And the heart is the muscle. And the heart is Love. According to the mentioned muscle equation, it is necessary for Love to have mentioned cycles and trainings, in order to form even better into the more intense, deeper and more perfect in acceptance of imperfections within ourselves and then us interwind.


May Venus be with you.

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