Movement is just geometry that we experience with our body, mind and soul

"The most phenomenal yoga mat I've ever had pleasure to work on. The bigger size is perfect, the anti-slip surface holds me even in the most challenging poses! And yes, so easy to keep clean. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Andrea Kozlovic, nutritionist

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, in the realm of practicing life as mysterious and timeless wisdom, there exist an extraordinary creation known as the Alchemy of Routine PU rubber Yoga Mats. These mats are revered as high-end treasures among the vast array of yoga companions in the enchanted market.

Forged from the finest materials mats are embodiment of firm foundations. Their surface woven from the sustainable threads of the Polyurethane (PU), bestowed an unparalleled cushioning for the real hedonists of movement among athletes, enthusiasts and trainees.

The foundation, crafted from the roots of natural rubber tree, endowed them with a wondrous anti-slip performance, ensuring and unyielding connection with the Earth.

Woman on AOR yoga mat
Man praciticing yoga

The dimensions of these charms mats were carefully measured and extended to:

  • 183 cm in length
  • 68 cm in width and
  • 4.5 mm in thickness.

Such proportions were ordained to provide the seekers with the ultimate stability, much like the firm foundation needed to erect temple of the human and cosmic being.

The grand essence of these yoga mats reveled itself during the blissful practice of yoga, pilates, or fitness endeavors. With unwavering support and joint caress, they gifted the practitioners a shield of comfort and protection, from the risks of injury.

Beyond their physical virtues, these mats held deep bound with Mother Earth it self, for they were created in eco-friendly manner.

Embracing the ethical commitment with the environment, they lit the vital energy from the fabric of non-toxic natural rubber, reducing the seekers' carbon footprint while enduring the passage of the time, with grace and longevity.

"As a long-time coach who has worked with a large number of athletes and recreational enthusiasts, and consequently used a wide variety of exercise surfaces in sports halls, I have never come across a quality surface like Alchemy of Routine.

In life, I appreciate concrete things, and this surface is definitely concrete in every sense. The moment I stepped onto it, I felt the difference.

I feel stable and powerful on this surface, and I don't slide at all, which is very important to me whether I'm doing strength training or flow exercises.

This surface is my recommendation to everyone who wants to have the BEST exercise mat."

Igor Blazincic, Kinesiologist, Breathwork Coach

Body8Mind Zagreb

Man on AOR yoga mat

"This yoga mat is unbelievably powerful! It speaks ‘fact language’ that behind the brand Alchemy of Routine, there is a person with experience and knowledge on many levels, and its custom design is finally the solution to the problem for all types of practitioners.

My previous experience with exercise mats was such that they would slide from the top and bottom, bend, and not stay stable. They were either too thin or too thick, so after buying them, I had to rub salt on them to break through that initial layer.

This is literally the FIRST one I can't find any fault with! It asks for nothing, just exists to serve, whether you're practicing yoga, pilates, or using it for fitness purposes – you surrender and enjoy! Solid, stable, smooth, wherever you place it – it stands and supports. Something completely innovative, and I believe it will conquer the world!"

Jelena Dolmagic, Yoga Instructor, Studio Santosha

AOR Yoga Mat
Man in gym on yoga mat

Their versatility transcended the boundaries of yoga alone, for they invited explorers to embrace the uncharted territories of other fitness realms. Pilates, stretching, or any form of floor exercise found a heaven of secure footing and unwavering support on this enchanting anti-slip yoga mat.

Thus the Alchemy of Routine yoga mat seamlessly blended into aesthetics of not just the studios or workout spaces, but also the very fabric of life itself. Product that speaks for itself.

AOR Yoga mat
AOR Yoga mat

This workout mat have magical solar powers! I’m not speaking about fairytale here and I just want to share with the world my first experience with the yoga/fitness mat Alchemy of Routine.

When this beautiful lux design fold into my hands, I was so, so tired and definitely not in the mood for any type of movement! Maybe only on my couch! 🙂 But I was so curious about my new toy and decide to step on it just for a few seconds, to test the feeling.

I found myself after almost one hour in the same spot, hit by a hard training! This never happened for me, when I’m not in the mood for training I go watch a movie and eat an ice cream!

Now, it’s different story regarding my workouts, because I have my superpower gun for gym mood activated! I will be faster, better and in the best shape!  If you don’t believe me, you just need to step on this mat only one time and you will tell me after that you don’t believe in magic!”

Alexandra Lucia Gisca

Entrepreneur and gym enthusiast, Bucharest

The seekers who will have an opportunity to make their own experience witht this mirabilis mat will discover a newfound spot for merriment, play and gathering.

Our children find solace upon it surface, turning the secure space into a playground of wonder. For some, it become a portal to relaxation, transformation, and success, while for others it was the very embodiment of their revered self-care.

"An exceptional mat and a beautiful story behind it. Personally, to me, the best yoga mat I've 'played' with in movement. With its high-quality non-slip surface, it encourages free exploration of your own body in motion, creativity, and play, as well as complete and uninterrupted surrender to breath and movement.

A mat on which confidence in your own movement grows, a mat that makes you a 'yoga master' and gives you the impetus for further adventure with your own body."

Mirela Anic, Kinesiologist, Breathwork Coach

Body8Mind Zagreb

Woman in yoga pose

Extended dimensions

Non toxic & anti-slip natural rubber

Firm foundation for ultimate stability

AOR Yoga mat

115,00  EUR

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"After a long, multi-month break, and after years of being in love with yoga and its inevitable integration into my hectic daily life, I was looking for reasons to return to the mat. The Alchemy of Routine mat, without exaggeration, brought me back to yoga.

It's soft enough not to burden the joints, yet stable and firm enough. It allows me to comfortably position myself on it. It's easy to maintain and doesn’t absorb every bit of dirt (bonus track- dog hairs, which often exercise with me, are easily visible and then "removable" 😊). The Alchemy of Routine mat has thus become my new, important partner in the yoga part of the day, making my small practices extremely pleasant.

A solid five out of five, I recommend! Thank you, Alchemy 😊 “

Barbara Udovičić Papeš, Rijeka

 MSc. in Environmental Culture and Communication, Psychology Professor."

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Customer reviews


Rated 5.0 out of 5

Ovo je najbolja joga prostirka koju sam imala ❤️


Worth the wait

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I live in Dubai, so it took some time for the mat to arrive. But oh, it’s sooo worth the wait. I love to do indoor and outdoor exercises with the kids or mum group. It’s so important for me to have sturdy and durable mat that can withstand all conditions. One of my mum friend recommended it and now I’m forwarding the good words to all on the go mums who want to have high quality & stunning mat.

Sindi S.

Rock'n'roll mat

Rated 5.0 out of 5

So, this yoga mat is the best rock’n’ roll mat that I’ve ever see. First of all is black, and the black is my colour, second you dont slip away when you do exercise. And is so long that my feet is on the mat. What do you need more. So alchemy of my routine, black as my soul, my rock mat! Thank you T! 🫶🏻



Rated 5.0 out of 5

Great yoga experience with this mat.

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