Story behind the brand

We can tell the story of our brand in various ways, and we have chosen the one that will provoke your own reflections and provide a gentle introduction to a complex and beautiful subject matter.

Slovo A



In a world where the everyday danced with the incredible, the essence of life was transformed into a brand known as the Alchemy of routine. This narrative, akin to the wisdom of the greatest alchemists, wise women and men, and artists, delves into the intricate tapestry of existence without uttering any specific names or titles.

Alchemy, an art not confined by trends, but rather a raw and astute adaptation to the myriad challenges of daily existence. It was a moonlit dance, a symphony of small victories that harmonized with the rhythm of life's grand orchestra. A mind transcending the ordinary, a heart vast and boundless, like the layers of an ancient manuscript that slowly unfurl to reveal their secrets. Among these layers were monumental triumphs, earned through ceaseless learning and refinement.

Every step, a brushstroke upon the canvas of reality, a Inspiration flowed like a hidden spring, nourishing the roots of creativity. Spontaneous dances of the body echoed the joyous melody of existence, a testament to the art of living and the lightness it bestowed.

Lessons etched into the chronicles of time, each page a repository of wisdom and shortcuts, forming an unending cycle of growth. A circle, unbroken and eternal, where movement was not just an action but a canvas upon which the artist's soul painted its masterpiece.

In this realm, stones themselves murmured myths of artistry, for every stone, every pebble, held a story woven by the hands of creation. The artist, not a follower, but a weaver of destiny, conjuring realities from the loom of imagination. Creation, an unstoppable tide that swept forth, carrying with it echoes of life's alchemical essence.

And so, the Alchemy of Routine stood as a testament to the boundless power of human spirit and imagination, a legacy crafted not just to follow, but to forge ahead and inspire others to follow suit, perpetuating the never-ending spiral of creation and transcendence.

Slovo O

O – OPTIO (lat.)


The word OPTIO stems from a Latin origin, signifying 'choice' or 'alternative.' Yet, the wisdom that graces this path is more than mere options; it's the art of discernment, the alchemy of decisions rooted in knowledge and clarity. As the sun gently caresses the dawning horizon, each morning presents a canvas of choices.

In the wake of relentless sleepless nights and the tumultuous rhythm of routine, a crossroads clearly emerges before us. Will we succumb to defeat, allowing the echoes of weariness to dim our hearts and cloud our interactions, or shall we embark on an alchemical transformation? An update of our being, a cascade into the seamless flow of emotions and the boundless realm of possibility. Here, every step unveils a collateral beauty, a raw movement cloaked in the guise of science, and realms of the cosmos that are unseen but deeply felt.

The alchemy begins within, a journey of self-discovery and taking command of our thoughts, a melody that steers our actions. The noble routine, a sanctuary we yearn not to escape, unfolds beneath the Alchemy of Routine's expansive embrace.

Lay bare the burdens of the day, vulnerabilities interwoven with pain, upon the yoga mat Alchemy of Routine. Unfold its magic even in moments devoid of inspiration and motivation, for that too is a choice, the witness to your spirit's journey. Spread it out when children are exuberant and teenagers are weary, let it be their foundation for dreams and play, as you find solace in preparing a meal with tranquil grace.

Unfurl it with the strength of your masculine energy, feeling the warrior within perspire drops of satisfaction on the asphalt battlefield. Triumph etched in each bead of sweat. Let it unfurl outdoors, among the forest's whispered secrets, upon a sunlit meadow or the solitary dock by the shore. Unfold its majesty in the office's confines or at the backstage. In the rumbling of a bus route to a match, let its tapestry envelop you.

And in the sacred ring of your solar plexus, where the crystal of contentment gleams, allow its embrace to stretch forth. For the Alchemy of Routine is not a gift bestowed, but a treasure claimed by your own hands, an alchemical creation fueled by your spirit's fire.

Slovo L



In a time shrouded in mystery and wonder, a embroidery of Vibrational Medicine was interwoven with movement, herbal wisdom, and conscious energy manipulation. This tale speaks of an artful existence known as the Alchemy of Routine, a testament to the art of living.

Litho- therapy. From the perspective of the Alchemy of Routine brand, it was a chapter of life where understanding of our bodies and needs melded seamlessly. A life where the heart's whispers were heard, and each day was a conscious choice to release the barriers that hindered our journey, to stride forward with trust upon the Path.

In the realm of unconscious footsteps, the enchantment of life often slipped by unnoticed. Not all could embrace others with empathy or extend a supporting hand. Crystals, the tools of boundless wisdom, bore the essence of Mother Earth and the cosmic fabric itselfCrystals graced castles, churches, and woodland cottages, cradled within the skilled hands of the Healers. A chapter cloaked in secrets, mysteries, injustice, and miracles.

Yet today, the tides have turned, and science, albeit belatedly, bears witness to cellular transformations after crystal treatments. It's challenging to remain impervious to suggestion, yet the reverence for this most exquisite cosmic software prevails. Mineralogy and geology, the cherished domains of alchemists of routine, converge the untamed paths of Mother Earth with the alchemy of chemistry, adorned with the aesthetics of jewelers and the spirit's exaltation. A geometry anew, where one's energy becomes an artful creation, fashioned with impeccable 'tools'.

As the Crone's quill weaves this tale, let it be known that the Alchemy of Routine is not a mere concept, but a symphony of existence where crystals sing, energies converge, and the dance of life unfolds in outstanding rhythm of our primordial nature, also combined with the biggest potential that you can open up for yourself.

Slovo R



Somewhere between the arras of existence, where the secrets of alchemists, yoga's wisdom, litho-therapists, and the Crone's insights intertwine, a story of profound transformation unfolds. This tale, crafted for those who delve into the Alchemy of Routine, invites you on a voyage beyond the familiar veils. No introductions needed, for within these pages, you'll uncover the hidden magic that awaits.

In a world where masks are donned like costumes, a revelation emerges—it is no revolutionary discovery. Assembled from the feelings, expectations, directives, and constructs of others, humans are enshrouded in a mural of genetic codes and geolocational imprints, scripts that unfurl in the grand theatre of Life. Burdened by ancestral bloodlines, they bear the weight of generations past.

Comprised of rules, obligations, and an onslaught of excessive information, they stand on the precipice of overwhelming complexity, their minds left puzzled as to how to integrate the surplus of knowledge. In this tapestry of interconnected masks, a realization dawns, an inquiry that simmers in the heart of every soul, inevitably emerging in a whisper: "Who am I?"

Alchemists of old turned base metals into gold, a myth and a science merging in transcendent robes. So, too, can we fathom the essence of matter and grasp the chemical process where 'gold' symbolizes the ultimate purity of the soul.

Alchemists of routine, in their metaphysical metamorphosis, undertake the endeavor to elevate their mundane into the extraordinary. A process akin to peeling away layers, a task not without discomfort or even pain, yet an imperative on the journey towards personal growth.

Thus, the masks are shed. Through this unmasking, foundations are laid anew, resonating with the harmony of the cosmos. In this grand individual alchemical process, the power to create otherworldly dimensions is harnessed, woven into the very fabric of existence.

This power emanates from a river that flows within, the essence of creation surging through our veins. A river that, once awakened, courses through the microcosm, impacting the macrocosm, initiating processes inconceivable to the conditioned mind.

By sharing this wisdom to you, the Alchemy of Routine becomes the key to the cage, an invitation to soar on wings unbound. A treasure trove where noble intentions intertwine with the universe's intricate design, a gateway to all levels of existence.

In the realm of the Alchemy of Routine, masks fall away at the entrance, revealing the essence beneath. Here, the game of life begins anew, led by the heart of an explorer, the spirit of a child, and the strength of a warrior of light, whose eyes behold beauty in every phase of existence.

In the resonance of every movement, in the cadence of each breath, the joints that articulate the physical self symbolize the potential to move forward. As we move through life, hips swaying like an ancient ritual, we dissolve the confines of circumstances and ascend into higher realms.

For the Alchemy of Routine is a discipline that moves mountains, a journey that fuses the elements of body and spirit. It conducts the melody of our inner and outer worlds, crafting a mosaic of harmony and transformation.

The rhythm of routine shapes what we offer to the world. Let it be a rhythm of health, resonating in thoughts, words, deeds, and decisions. Raw and unfiltered, it's an homage to the purpose of existence in its original form.

Regardless of the hand life deals, the choice remains ours: to blossom in victory or wither in the role of the victim. It is not the cards that decide our fate, but the skill and artistry of the player.

And so, dear seeker, this tale beckons you to unmask, to embark on the sacred journey through the Alchemy of Routine. Step into the dance of your truest self, reveal the essence beneath the layers, and paint the canvas of existence with the vibrant hues of your spirit. For within the realm of this alchemical journey, a new tapestry is woven—a tapestry of authenticity, growth, and the unending quest for the raw existence in our routine.

We invite you to begin your journey and further explorations with us


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