Crystal Office Assistant

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Transmute your challenges and radiance your gift. Crystals have long been associated with healing and spiritual well-being.

From amethyst’s soothing energy that ignite our vision of life and business as well, to agate’s grounding and empowering to multitasking vibrations, each stone possesses its own distinct essence, offering a profound connection to the natural world. Harnessing the power of lithotherapy, our carefully curated collection is a ‘slow and sacred process’ which aims to bring balance, clarity and rejuvenation to your life and routine. It will bring energy of success in your office and progress your business by discovering you – your greatest potential.

"It's often said that a crystal will find you, and that's exactly what happened in my case. Quite by chance, or perhaps not, I met the person behind the brand Alchemy of Routine with whom I immediately connected on a deeper level. As my restaurant has been running for many years, serving a large number of people and their energies, I felt that we needed something to stimulate the flow of positive energy and bring good vibes and quality interpersonal relationships. And so, everything fell into place. Through our conversation, I realized how much this person knows about crystals in all their aspects, and soon I got my own 'art deco' as well. I knew right away that I had to bring it to the restaurant. Now, there's a better flow of energy, as if the air is easier to breathe. Everything feels somehow more airy, organized, with less tension and stress. Guests feel comfortable in the restaurant's space, the turnout is great, and the atmosphere is wonderful.”
Nina Dacic,
Takenoko, Zagreb