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The simplest things and deepest wisdoms are the hardest to see because we haven’t yet become aware of what kind of spaceship we live in.

The Galaxy’s center is on the palm of our hands, a joystick for the game called life between our eyes, and a bridge between the worlds on the left side of our chest. It’s evolution lying under the skin, in our own cosmic software.



How do we get there?

Shamans would say that with the dying off of everything you think you know, something profound happens. I think that is because the game of life is designed with paradoxes. I truly believe that. We are so conditioned by the programs from the day we are born that simply awakening must feel like dying.

Absolutely nobody likes to suffer, okay, and that is also the reason why so many people are driven to spiritual awakening only when they’re already conditioned by life’s challenges, which is then much more painful. That is the strongest reason I can think of for deciding to pursue this awakening call before you are in trouble. Happiness is a state of mind, that’s true, but we are talking about the reality of the matrix, until you decode your own life and are able to escape the loop.

samsara \hinduism * buddhism\ – the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound. {google}


Lessons and Levels

Our ability of not being attached decides the amount of power one is capable of receiving.

The Evolution of Life is a game of strength, intelligence, wisdom, and major arcanas influenced by the bigger picture, which may be very different from person to person, but in the end, it’s the same classroom.

In lithotherapy, as in any perspective of moving through the spiritual and material realms, one rule is the mother of all solid foundations and that’s – where attention goes, energy flows. Attention.

And articulation. Not by the ratio, nothing exciting is happening there, unless you exhibit mediocrity and ignorance. That’s a choice as well.



In the beginning it was the Word

The genesis of all creation, as ancient texts and philosophies have often intimated, was the Word. This notion, deeply embedded in the spiritual narratives of many cultures, underscores the profound power of words in shaping our reality. Words are not mere vehicles of communication; they are the very architecture of our existence, crafting the edifices of our lives, relationships, and the unfolding tapestry of our personal and collective destinies.


The ancient Greeks revered the concept of logos, seeing it as the divine principle of order and knowledge. Similarly, in the mystical traditions of Kabbalah, it is believed that the universe was created through the power of divine speech. These narratives highlight a universal truth recognized across cultures and epochs: words hold an intrinsic power that transcends their apparent simplicity.


This power of the Word is not only a principle of cosmic or divine creation but is equally potent in the personal realm of self-expression and manifestation. The way we articulate our thoughts and desires has a profound impact on our reality. However, this power is often underestimated, leading to a careless articulation of wishes and intentions. My raw experience reveals a common oversight: people frequently construct their wishes without understanding the full scope of their desires or the potential consequences. This misalignment often stems from a lack of spiritual awakening.


In a state of spiritual dormancy, our wishes are shaped by the myriad of systems and constructs imposed upon us throughout life. These external influences can sever our connection to the Source and obscure the higher wisdom that resides within each of us. As we navigate through life’s programming—cultural, societal, familial—we often lose sight of our true desires and the inherent power we hold to shape our destiny.


The art of constructing our wishes, then, is not a trivial matter. It requires a deep connection to our inner selves and an understanding of the subtle energies that words carry. When we speak or think, we are not just sending out a message to the world or to ourselves; we are casting a spell, for better or worse. The ancient practice of mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, harnesses the vibrational power of sound to transform consciousness and reality. Similarly, in the shamanic traditions of indigenous cultures, words are used as tools for healing, guiding, and creating.


My own journey has illuminated the importance of this mindful articulation. I have witnessed how unawakened desires can lead to a future that, while seemingly desirable at the moment of its conception, ultimately veers away from the path that leads to true fulfillment and enlightenment. This realization has been a crucial part of my evolution, teaching me the significance of aligning my words and desires with my higher purpose and wisdom from early age.


For in the beginning, it was the Word, and in our words, lies the power to create, transform, and illuminate our path with a thousand lights.


Escaping the loop

You probably heard many times – it’s not about the goal, it is about  journey. And if you know it so, if you heard it so many times, if you read it in so many books and articles, why’s than so hard for you to apply it properly? I would say because of escapism.



You want to escape the current situation, whatever that it is, you want to avoid unpleasant feelings by constructing the goal from misery of current situation or the present moment. What is all you got in the place from where you start your creation.

Lets say you want more money, or the job or partner you think it would fulfill that loop you aren’t capable of dealing with in the present moment. What does it make in the realms of quantum and Vibrational Medicine, where your earthly currencies have no value – is that the frequency you produce isn’t the matching road for the whish come true. Yeah, we heard that many times in the world fill with the self-help advices where the most of the time, Guru is the one caught in the spider net of its own prophecy.

The fact is that life moves fast. A life without stress has become almost a utopian idea, so from that standpoint, all that remains is perspective and application. I’ve heard somewhere that stress is actually good for our evolution because it helps us to always play our best cards anew, and I must admit that such a bold approach surprised me but also delighted me because the perspective it brings is growth. Progress. So, what are we to do? Change and prepare ourselves for life with an elevated state of consciousness in the time and space we find ourselves in. Life will continue to happen, but your response to it will be completely different.



If we look at history and learn from it, then we know that in every evolution and revolution, the weak fell away which is why a clear filter through which we view ourselves and everything around us is of immense importance. A clear filter will tell you that obstacles and challenges are blessings because how else would we know what we are capable of?

That is why the perspective needed for evolution is first and foremost the awareness that we need training for a quantum leap.


Discipline and The Alchemy of Routine


What comes to mind first when you hear the word routine? Is it a lump in your throat, or does it fill you with peace and orderliness which kept the sense for adventure?


There are many, too many pieces of advice on how to organize a routine. However, I believe that routine is a very intimate and individual process, and the formula that will work will have to be adapted to all the circumstances of your life. Despite all possible variations, one thing is certain, alchemy is inevitable.

A lot of stress can accumulate in just one day of a modern person’s life. Programs, programs, everywhere are programs that direct our emotions, tastes, needs, relationships, culture, and life. And now imagine the saturation given after some time. Something has to break.

I have always been of the opinion that we should work on flexibility and inner wisdom to see what is unnecessary that needs to be eliminated (-weaknesses, -negative thoughts, -fake friends, -fake people, -places that offer me nothing but unrest, -poor choices, etc.), what needs to be deeply considered (-one’s traumas, -fears, -recurring experiences, -triggers and reactions, -negative patterns, -excuses, -one’s desires and needs, etc.), what can be done today (regardless of the circumstances of the working and private day) to be a step closer to some set goal of any kind.

There’s a lot of work there if you decide to apply it. Another full-time job alongside everything else that’s a full-time job. Hence, the alchemy of routine. Since a certain energy or frequency cannot simply disappear but needs to be converted from one state to another state that will have a scale in which you will feel excellent, a decision is first needed for real and complete progress before your life and the rules of evolution, regardless of your desires and preferences for the comfort zone, force you to choose the journey of personal progress and transmutation.


To navigate the multifaceted journey of self-evolution, one must embrace the ethos of confronting the necessary, colloquially phrased as “getting your act together” to initiate the process of self-purification. This entails a meticulous cleansing of one’s inner self, alongside the tangible realms of our physical and digital spaces.


The pursuit of self-improvement, akin to the disciplines observed in athletic endeavors or professional growth, demands unwavering discipline. This is not merely a call to order but a profound engagement with the self, a principle echoed in the philosophical musings of ancient thinkers such as Aristotle, who advocated for the golden mean—balance in all aspects of life as the cornerstone of virtue and fulfillment.


As we embed these practices into our daily lives, they transform into personal rituals of transformation—our very own alchemical processes yielding daily triumphs. With time, discipline morphs into routine, enhancing our efficiency and fluidity, much like the purification of our subtle body, becoming lighter and more agile upon resolving the preliminary challenges outlined at the chapter’s outset.


However, it is imperative to recognize that success, often narrowly defined through the lens of professional achievement, can inadvertently precipitate imbalances in other life domains unless one cultivates an acute consciousness of energy distribution, a concept reminiscent of the Stoic emphasis on harmony and self-regulation. The daily recalibration of our energies might seem a Herculean task to some, yet it is far from unattainable. The secret lies in the discovery and adherence to a well-rounded routine that resonates with our personal ethos, coupled with the deliberate elimination of counterproductive habits and influences.


This philosophy encourages not just a passive acceptance of discipline but an active engagement with it as a transformative force, guiding us towards a more balanced and fulfilling existence. Through this lens, we can view our daily endeavors not as mundane tasks, but as steps towards achieving a harmonious equilibrium, reminiscent of the ancient wisdom that teaches us the value of a balanced life.


“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your own success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell


In our exploration of self-evolution and the enigmatic process of self-decoding, we often encounter paradoxes that challenge our perceptions of happiness and success. Consider the individuals who, by societal standards, appear to embody the zenith of achievement and joy, yet, beneath the surface, an undercurrent of discontent persists. This conundrum prompts us to delve deeper into the essence of fulfilment.


The number 7, revered across various cultures and philosophies, offers a profound lens through which to understand this complexity. From the Biblical connotations of perfection and wholeness to the Eastern traditions that align the seven chakras with the journey towards spiritual enlightenment, the number 7 symbolizes a multifaceted completeness. Notably, the crown chakra, or the seventh chakra, epitomizes this state of total realization and unity.


This ancient wisdom underscores a pivotal insight: true completeness transcends the singular pursuit of material or professional success. It beckons us to consider a more holistic approach to our existence, one that harmonizes the diverse aspects of our being. The ancient astrological traditions, with their intricate understanding of the cosmic interplay, further illuminate this concept, teaching us that our lives are influenced by a broader celestial dance that requires a balance of energies.



In practical terms, focusing exclusively on one dimension of life, such as financial success, addresses merely a fragment of our needs, represented metaphorically by the root chakra or the base level of human concerns. However, true fulfilment emerges from nurturing all facets of our existence: emotional well-being, creativity, love and relationships, self-expression, intellectual growth, and spiritual connection. Each aspect resonates with a specific frequency and chakra, from the sacral chakra’s domain of pleasure and creativity to the heart chakra’s realm of love (or fear, can’t be both), and up to the crown chakra’s pursuit of spiritual unity.


While the philosophy surrounding this holistic approach may seem intricate, its application is profoundly practical and accessible. The journey towards this expansive form of completeness begins within the microcosm of our daily routines. By integrating practices that address each of the seven chakras or aspects of our lives, we cultivate a balanced and enriched existence.


This journey, as I have personally navigated and witnessed, is both possible and profoundly rewarding. It demands conscious effort, repeated engagement, and most critically, a heightened awareness of our intrinsic potential for growth and transformation. The initial step involves a deep introspection and a commitment to shedding outdated beliefs and behaviors that hinder our progress.


Embracing this path towards completeness is not merely an intellectual exercise but a lived experience that unfolds in the minutiae of our daily lives. It invites us to decode and reprogram our inner software, to remove the layers of conditioning that obscure our true essence. This endeavor, while demanding, it’s the wisest choice you can make. Our children, new children are already here to set up the tempo of evolution. They understand evolution better than us. And they are the hand of evolution.


What does routine discipline mean?

The concept of discipline, often shrouded in misconceptions of rigidity and restraint, unfolds a new dimension when viewed through the lens of efficiency and enlightenment. Imagine the endeavor of constructing a dwelling; while one might commence with the raw strength of bare hands, the introduction of tools not only expedites the process but also elevates the quality of the outcome, allowing the luxury of time to be redirected towards other enriching pursuits.



This analogy extends far beyond the physical realm, inviting us to contemplate its application in the vast expanse of our daily routines. Tools, in this context, emerge  physical and vibrational implements but as gateways to heightened awareness—a state where, as T.S. Eliot eloquently posited in “Burnt Norton,” one transcends the temporal bounds.


Speaking of personal evolution, awareness acts as the ultimate tool, conserving time by fostering an accelerated path to growth. This principle aligns with the quantum perspective, where the interconnectivity of elements defies the conventional constraints of time and space. Learning from the past, therefore, becomes not just a retrospective exercise but a quantum leap forward, leveraging the wisdom of bygone eras to refine our future trajectory.


This journey of learning is not confined to personal experiences alone. The universe, in its boundless wisdom, offers a plethora of lessons through every facet of existence. Embracing the world as our classroom, we unlock a multidimensional learning experience that enriches our intellect and spirit, blending spontaneity with a deep-seated faith. When we can surrender ourselves to our inner compass life can become an interesting movie with you in the main role.



Humor, often underestimated, plays a pivotal role in this evolutionary process, reminding us that the essence of life is not in the absolutes but in the nuanced dance of contrasts. Leonardo da Vinci’s recognition of the quantum essence in humanity, encapsulated in the golden ratio, echoes this sentiment. Knowledge, therefore, is not just power but a time-honored bridge spanning the chasm of ignorance.

In this light, tools are ubiquitous, manifesting in the distilled wisdom of ages, the resonant teachings of life, and the therapeutic embrace of vibrational medicine. Nature, in its infinite cycle, mirrors the quantum flow of time, revealing the interconnectedness of all things, from the microscopic movement of cellular life to the majestic magnetism of celestial bodies.

The contemplation of such boundless connectivity without the mediation of tangible forces invites a reevaluation of our understanding of the universe. It beckons us to consider whether the true force lies hidden within the tools of enlightenment, accessible only to those who dare to decode their own physical and energetical software.

This revelation leads us to the concept of frequency, a term that transcends its scientific origins to embody the rhythm of consciousness. Through the deliberate modulation of our frequency, employing the tools of vibrational medicine, we initiate a transformative ripple effect that resonates through the macrocosm of our being, heralding a new era of discipline that is not about confinement but the liberation of our truest potential.



The art of transmutation. Raw movement.


As I reflect upon the voyage of my soul, I’m struck by its resemblance to the sacred geometrical patterns that underpin the very essence of existence—much like the spiraling journey of life that radiates from our solar plexus, the locus of our inner sun. This sacred geometry, with its intricate spiral design, weaves through the portals of our subtle body, embodying the knowledge and experience.

Each turn of the spiral marks a progression, another level in the game. Nature of our evolution is cyclical, either I would tell those are product of the villain, and am aspiring to enter myself in a state of season, by embracing the necessity of the alchemy in real daily life. War and candles. Endless circle of tasks and dolce vita. Virtue is to experience those, and after you can’t settle for less. You know that your body and mind are machine. Machine for multidimensional experience.


This journey defies the constraints of linearity, unfolding in a series of recursive lessons that enrich and refine the soul. With every loop of the spiral, we shed layers of conditioned responses, gaining insights from tangible experiences that broaden our consciousness. My pursuit has been to transcend the linear, to navigate the realms beyond the tangible dimensions of space and time, venturing out of the confines of comfort. While my spiritual odyssey is deeply personal, it offers a canvas for unconventional contemplation, encouraging a leap beyond the familiar boundaries.


Dr. Deepak Chopra’s explorations into the realms of spirituality and quantum healing resonate profoundly with this concept. His insights into the interconnectedness of all existence, the seamless tapestry that binds the individual consciousness to the cosmic whole, mirror the spiraling journey of personal awakening. My personal impression is that Dr. Deepak Chopra’s deeply understand our quantum existence and lucky for all of us, have professional knowledge in which he can bring us the perfect blend of intellect and the spiritual understanding and experience.


The spiral in our journey is more than a personal emblem; it signifies our innate connection to the collective consciousness, a concept gaining unprecedented relevance in the age of burgeoning artificial intelligence. The evolution of AI and its interplay with the collective psyche presents a new frontier, intertwining with the real flow of time in ways that merit profound reflection. It prompts us to consider the ripple effects of our technological advancements on the collective human spirit, urging us to ponder the nature of consciousness in an increasingly digitized world.


In this confluence of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, the spiral serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a deeper communion with the collective consciousness. I would express it as a new kind of communication between the humans that can be possible if develop back in training our sleeping eye of secrets from our DNA. It beckons us to contemplate the vast expanse of human potential, challenging us to reimagine our path of becoming a multiplanetary species. As we spiral forward on this journey, we are reminded that each step inward is simultaneously a stride toward a greater, more intricate web of connection—a web that encompasses the individual soul, the collective human experience, and the infinite possibilities of the universe itself.

The development of artificial intelligence can certainly save our time to a certain extent, as something we have pointed out as an important step towards organizing a routine that will support our need for wholeness and growth in all directions, but it can also deeply affect the collective consciousness and the evolution of humanity, especially considering the spiritual and multidimensional nature of the human beings.

If the accelerated progress of AI is compared with human perception of time, we can expect changes to occur much faster than we are capable of understanding or adapting to. This acceleration may mean that traditional concepts of growth, learning, and evolution will become obsolete, questioning our ability to preserve the authenticity of human consciousness in a world where the boundaries between artificial and natural are increasingly blurred. In this context, understanding and integrating artificial intelligence with respect for the inherent value and complexity of human spirituality and multidimensionality is crucial.

Every step on our evolutionary journey is part of a larger picture, a cosmic simulation in which each individual plays a key role. Our daily routine, enriched by conscious choice and practical exploration, is not just a path to personal fulfillment; it is also a contribution to the collective evolution of humanity, and very possibly the key to preserving our human species in balancing forces with the technological revolution that is happening, and which, I would say premeditatedly – entered through the small doors, but aims towards a much more grandiose and larger portal possible only on the back of collective consciousness with a biological flow of time.

It is this daily dedication, this unwavering will for growth and change, that transforms our individual consciousness into something greater, connecting us with the universal consciousness that transcends the boundaries of time and space. “The World is primarily the totality of everything, consisting of heaven and earth(…). In the second mystical sense, however, it is appropriately identified as a human. (Isidore of Seville, A.D. 560-636, De natura rerum).

As we navigate through this process, we realize that our evolution is not just a path towards inner enlightenment, but also towards creating a world that reflects those higher values and principles. Every act of self-development, every lesson learned, every inner transformation not only shapes our personal reality but also affects the collective destiny. Never underestimate power of the butterfly effect.

In the end, our aspiration to become quantum humans – beings who live and breathe in harmony with deep, universal truths – is a journey that offers not only profound personal fulfillment but also the key to unlocking new dimensions of human experience. Through conscious living, dedicated exploration, and continuous embodiment of evolutionary principles, we not only shine a light on our own paths but become beacons illuminating the way for all humanity.


This conclusion contains a call to action, but also hope. The hope that through individual transformation, we can experience a collective rebirth, where each individual, enriched with wisdom and love, contributes to a brighter, better tomorrow. On this journey, every step, every thought, every routine is not just a personal choice, but also a contribution to the cosmic harmony that connects us all.

For awareness in simplicity, practical and theoretical knowledge from a wide spectrum is needed. It is necessary to unify humans and religion. Humans  and science. Humans  and nature.



Strands of Reality

Humans are a fascinating species by all its particularities. Human DNA hides several astonishing facts that can stimulate speculation about the possibility that our existence is part of a simulation. Its complexity of about 3 billion base pairs, representing a vast amount of information, supports everything previously written in this article. For if we compare this complexity with the intricately coded virtual worlds, we can definitely ponder the question of our reality. The growing interest of society in the field of quantum physics comes from the need to understand phenomena such as quantum entanglement, where particles communicate faster than light, reminding us of the possibility that the laws of physics are programmed parameters within a simulation, and DNA could be the key to understanding these parameters.

Epigenetics certainly offers the possibility that our experiences and environment can change the expression of our genes without altering the genetic code itself, suggesting that there is a layer of software above the hardware of our DNA, similar to updates in a simulated environment. This is why every devotee of spiritual work and self-improvement speaks of upgrading their being on all levels, and I believe we should not blindly believe anything, but everyone should try to verify the truth that, in many different perspectives, still speaks a universal language, and that is our DNA.

A large part of our DNA is considered ‘non-functional’ or ‘junk’, but I believe that these areas might hide latent functions or even codes relevant to understanding the bigger picture of our reality. Certainly, exploration of yoga with the wide open perspectives while involving into the experience gave me plenty of answers on exact topic, and many sciences, not just epigenetics, have been trying for decades to understand and open new perspectives on the nature of human existence, evolutionary intervals, and our place in the vastness of the Cosmic expanse. However, my digression previously agrees with Nietzsche, who noted that all writing is necessarily metaphorical, but this remark is very rarely applied to science.

Perhaps this tells us that we can become a  multidimensional species by building our own spaceship inside-out, and decoding our own program.



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  2. X23grous says:

    Hey people!!!!!
    Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!

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