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Seven an octave of illuminating intelligence – principle

The Gem of July


If you have the key to your genes, then you are a genius. But imagine having the key to 64 genetic profiles? 64 is the tantric number of the highest order spiritual teachings, transcending all geographical, cultural, spiritual, scientific, and religious directions.


As always, let’s start from the beginning. And for a good foundation around which we want to build our spirit and intelligence, we need many directions. And a lot of practice. A broader picture. If we look only from one field of science or through the lens of a specific religion or philosophy, we miss a lot. A weak spirit and body will constantly fall into the vortex of modern routine, and knowledge on a conscious level is as fragile as all the indoctrination we are bombarded with daily.



This is where the seven octaves of the illuminating intelligence principle come in, which, regardless of the current background directions I’ve mentioned, lead us precisely to the number 64. The Tantra of Life, too often misunderstood by the conscious mind.

Sexual energy is the womb of all creation, and it has little to do with the populist and animalistic view of sexuality. It is the center of our vital energy. The moment shame, guilt, and traumas accumulate there, our vital energy ceases to be vital. It becomes the other form of energy we like to call – negative energy. If there is no vital energy, the first thing we will notice is impaired health. Then a disturbed spirit. Then social relationships, and then everything else. In fact, it would not be entirely accurate to say – when there is no vital energy, it would be more accurate to say when it is polluted with shame, guilt, and traumas.


I perceive Tantra as the Wisdom of life. Life did not come here to trample us, and it tramples us too often for the simple reason that our unconscious and conscious are not in any harmony.  Or our consciousness is limited, and even fewer are those who first – know their shadow (absolutely everyone has one), and even fewer have conquered it by taking from the Tree of Good. Our shadow is our fuel, it is a part of us and does not go anywhere. The wisest thing is to understand it and befriend it, and even wiser – to keep it at your leg. Balance.

Somewhere I came across a text on Yogi teachings that talks about the qualities of the Seven Rays, and that was precisely the path that led me to the number 64 through practice. Because for the intellect to succeed in integrating where the spirit/consciousness is in gradation, we need absolutely every part of us. Both the physical and the metaphysical in the equation. So, the qualities of the Seven Rays:


  1. Will, awakening the divine purpose
  2. Love, expressing divine qualities
  3. Intellect, as a reflector of intuition
  4. Conflict, whose byproduct is the establishment of harmony
  5. Knowledge of science, leads to radiance
  6. Idealism, leads to the establishment of a divine pattern and code
  7. Ritual of organization – a recipe for manifesting divine life on earth

I would absolutely agree with these ancient philosophical teachings. This is the path to unlocking your genetic code, and then to Tantra (dolce vita) of Life. And if we know that the key to each of the steps to the number 64 goes through the shadow, and that there are 64 genetic profiles in the world (this view from the Heights was discovered by someone before me), then esoteric physics has turned mass into energy so that our consciousness, to begin with, is beyond space and time. And when we are there, we see every genetic profile. Everyone’s shadow. Everyone’s light.

Namaste Alchemists,


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