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Self love behind the scenes

Sindi Stojanović

Learning how to practice self love doesn’t mean being happy all the time. While you can’t live in a state of constant happiness, you can live in a consistently beautiful state. “This beautiful state could be driven or creative or feeling playful or curious or a sense of awe,” says Tony Robbins. Sometimes events are out of our control - but we always control how we react to them.

It takes time, practice and many attempts before we can truly and authentically love and nurture ourselves. It takes time and harsh experiences before we learn to question our thoughts and beliefs of who we really are. Crushing limiting beliefs and practicing self-reflection is the first step of accepting and loving our true self. Setting yourself free from the past history and thinking of the present moment and better future. The future is filled with endless possibilities where we can create who we want to be, what we want to do or have. Self love behind the scenes give us the power to choose and create the best version of ourselves we believe in.

It’s easy to love our best self, best traits - but we all have traits we need to work on. We get angry, anxious, impatient, jealous or quick tempered. My point is - practice self love by accepting all emotions and learn how to use them so they don’t use you. Become aware that all emotions are here to serve you. This will help you to dive deeper into understanding oneness of your being. Understanding emotions is understanding the meanings and the energy behind them.

“Beliefs and values and rules control the meanings we make up, and out of our meanings come emotions, and out of emotions come our lives.”
T. Robbins

Once you realise that you are in charge of creating your life, that you write your own story - that you are in control of your choices and destiny, you will feel a sense of empowerment like never before. Yes, indeed. You will realize there’s no point to compare yourself to others, no point to get affected by other people opinions or energy.

Because their journey and perception of the world and self is not yours and nothing personal. Best form of freedom - going after your dreams and goals as the ultimate self love practice.

Feeding your mind, body and spirit with healthy habits creates an endless feedback loop of self-love and self-care. Practicing relaxing rituals, proper nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, praying or other form of connecting with higher self, God, Universe, socialising with likeminded people, animals, nature etc. are some of the best ways to practice time self-love. Good habits don’t end there. Learn how to say NO. Try to do as much as possible things that make you feel joyful, like baking, dancing, gardening, art, making music or dancing around the house.

Everyone makes mistakes. So one of the most significant ways to practice self-love is forgiveness. Do your best to forgive others for perceived wrongs, freeing yourself from a negative story and creating a positive one in its place. Forgive yourself too. Everyone has thoughts we’re not proud of. But as Katie

Byron says

“I don’t let go of my thoughts. I meet them with understanding. Then they let go of me.”

Once you begin to live by these principles for practising self-love, you can always react from a place of forgiveness and acceptance, and live in a beautiful state for the rest of your life. If you need support, empathy, nonjudgmental and holistic approach on your way towards self acceptance and self-love I’m happy to serve you. My name is Sindi Stojanovic, I am holistic relationship and couple coach trained by Tony Robbins and Cloe Maddens. You can find my work and energy on down below links. Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you all the best on your journey of creating the best version of yourself.

Who Am I to talk about self love?

Let me introduce myself: I am love mentor, holistic mother and spiritual gangsta who brings love back into every pore of your existence, by teaching people like you to know themselves on every dimension; from a brilliant mind, self healing — super intelligent body to your own soul that wants to work as a functional whole.

FOR YOU. As our nature itself imagined it. That is why I can say for myself that I am the loudest advocate of our human nature and returning to our full creative potential. I believe we don't become a metahuman because we already are a metahuman from our birth. I am here to help you put together the disintegration and forgotten parts of your own whole, oneness. A complete person has a complete experience of this life.

I am a woman who came from the mire and bottom of human experience. I spent half of my life, starting from childhood, in darkness, searching with all my might for ways up to the light. Under my skin, I carry a dysfunctional upbringing with my stepfather and mother, poverty on every level, a body that almost gave up on this life (twice by my will, the third time by a tumor), I lost myself many times, everything and almost everyone that is dear to me, just I didn't know then that all those storms were pushing me to the surface. They broke me, but not me — my essence, but what I learned to be. It's amazing how much we can identify with a person who is being trained by this world and its agenda. Starting from home, school, environment, how the village thinks you should be, live, breathe, have. And it is interesting how difficult it is for us to break away from that identity.

It took many, many years of work, learning, application, giving up, falling, getting up until I emerged to the surface. Until I grew out of the mud, like a lotus. I left home, finished my formal education as a master's degree in economics in tourism, moved to Australia, then to United Arab Emirates, traveled the world for 6 years as a flight attendant, met a wide variety of people, cultures, energy and consciousness, which really helped me to get faster and better to my true self, my essence. That's why I have this breadth and depth. I learned to manoeuvre in the unknown and unpredictable environments, situations and energies. To find the source of love in myself, so that I will never be hungry for it again. But that is the natural order for us, first you are, then you have. I met my current husband and the father of our two children.

After the tumor, I intensively searched for educations and mentors who would help me to use all my life experience in order to be able to help others. I felt it as my mission and the calling of my soul. I completed my training as an energy healer, as a hypnotherapist, then NLP and finally completed the holistic training at the Coaching Institute with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, specialising in Relationship Coach. Relationships are central to people's lives. And with my experience plus training today I can help in all kind of relationships; dating, self-acceptance, couples, family, empath, spiritual relationships, workplace...

Through my workshops, seminars, trainings, business collaborations and consultations, I have helped many individuals and couples to achieve healthy relationships, while nurturing their authenticity and continuing to grow towards their full potential. Some of them are EX-YU people in diaspora, flight attendants, mothers with small children, mothers with a diagnosis, successful entrepreneurs in search of a balance between their female and masculine energy, couples in a mixed marriage, single gender couples, a family with a small baby, a family with step mother / step-father, divorced women with children, divorced men, well known and famous personalities, influencers, influential people who like to be under the radar, as well as mentoring coaches from similar coaching fields.

My offers are: Formula for Love program, which runs twice a year and covers deep work in harmony and love in the most important areas of human life. A complete approach to self-love and then the manifestation of the same with others. 3 mini trainings: Love Base, Partner relations — spiritual relationship and Communication and Polarisation. In between, I do guest appearances with many experts in the field of psychology, coaching, parenting and entrepreneurship. More than 1,000 satisfied and happy participants have gone through my author's programs.

And perhaps most importantly, through my life, I prove every day how healing it is to normalise the whole range of emotions, the entire process of growth, and not just the shiny result, how important it is to connect with yourself, know yourself and listen to the whispers of your soul. I am teaching both myself and you how to return  your power through knowledge and strategic actions.


AOR Columnist Sindi Stojanović

Sindi Stojanović

 Relationship Coach for individuals, couples, and families.
Specialized in Couples Passion Patterns

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