Breathing – the way of healing all aspects of our being

AOR Columnist Mirela Anić

The main source of life is breathing. The air we breathe is life energy for our body, energy that enters us from nature.
With every breath we are connected to nature and universal energy.

Through conscious breathing, we realize this connection that clearly says that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.

Breathing connects all aspects of our being, our body, mind and soul, and as such is a path to healing, self-awarenes and a fulfilled life.


Breathing as a physical and spiritual phenomenon

Likewise, breathing touches every part of our physiology, every organ and organ system. Breathing regulates the nervous system, affects hormones, digestion and metabolism, contributes to the efficiency of the movement system and affects every physiological function of the body.
Although it takes us out of the body, into the formless spheres, where the real reality is, breathing still takes place in our physical body, according to physical principles and mechanisms, therefore it is extremely important to understand the structure of the human body and the processes in it.

Breathwork begins with the physical body, but it takes us much further, into a deeper connection with ourselves and our purpose, into a deeper connection with others around us and with life itself.

The modern lifestyle is moving people away from their essence and from nature, offering modified quality of life options and alternative models for fulfillment. Such a lifestyle not only has a devastating effect on the level of consciousness of people, their values and priorities, but also affects something even more basic, the dysfunctionality of the body and mind.


The modern lifestyle is the cause of increased levels of stress, bad eating habits, lack of exercise and quality recovery, which, together with environmental toxicity, affect the occurrence of many health problems. Witness the increase in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic diseases, elevated cholesterol, chronic inflammation, overweight, chronic and progressive diseases of the bone system, postural deformities, neurodegenerative diseases, anxiety and depression and many other psycho-physical disorders.

All these disorders, painful conditions and diseases call for a wiser approach to health and the renewal of the relationship with oneself and with nature.

Breathing is the basis of mindbody healing

Breathing is a barometer of the function of the nervous system, an indicator of our functional status and the balance of body and mind. It is both a measure of health and a path to health.
This is precisely why breathing as a basic natural intervention must be included in every mind-body treatment, prevention and performance optimization.

In order to meet these needs, modern breathing programs approach each person holistically, observing his physical, mental and spiritual parts as one connected whole.

Such programs include detailed diagnostics of breathing mechanics and biochemistry, posture and movement, lifestyle evaluation and all important biomarkers obtained from blood, urine and saliva. Detailed questionnaires provide insight into symptomatology, which are concrete and unmistakable indicators of the level of health, vitality, and level of physical and cognitive abilities.

An important aspect of the initial assessment is getting to know a person as a layered being, his/her values, level of positivism and motivation, satisfaction with life and connection with one's own purpose.
Based on such a detailed diagnosis and interpretation of the findings, individual breathing programs are created, the goal of which is proper and conscious breathing.

Correct, conscious and optimal breathing contributes to better health and resilliance, better mental and emotional balance, longer and better life, and greater life energy, which is reflected in a high level of inspiration, creativity, motivation and positivism.

Breathing today combines science and tradition

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up, realizing the limitations of dualism and looking for their way into one. Into one that unites body, mind and soul, into one that unites man and nature, man and humanity. In such a new paradigm, new ways, new directions and new principles emerge in which science and tradition become one, offering richer, more complete and wiser concepts.

Modern breathing programs combine various traditional breathing techniques with modern respiration optimization systems in order to meet the needs of modern man, his specific limitations and goals.

One such breathing program is the PROGRESSIVE BREATHWORK system, which combines beautiful and powerful Pranayama and Qigong techniques with modern methods such as BUTEYKO and DNS.
Such systems respect the principles of the physical body, the governing role of the brain and nervous system, and the important influence of the body on other aspects of being.
In this journey, in the application of various techniques, the work of the body and mind is optimized, mental flexibility is increased and finally the sovereignty of the heart is achieved.

This is precisely why, in the application of such systems, we start with getting to know the body, with awareness of the related bodily mechanisms. We get to know and explore the body spaces touched by the breath. This is how we develop subtle skills important for the knowledge of matter and energy.

We learn how the brain and intention can change the course, we re-learn proper breathing that we have forgotten during our life, and which is the basis of the realization of every other goal. We combine breath and movement and move the body wisely, consciously, effortlessly, opening new spaces in matter, which also open new spaces outside of it.

We learn the correct alignment of body segments, the body and the environment, we learn and understand their relationships and thus contribute to the quality of posture and movement and alignment with the strongest force on earth, gravity.

In a practical sense, the next steps in the application of these programs relate to the application of techniques for cultivating life energy. Such techniques contribute to our lightness and fluidity, raise the level of our energy and our neutrality, and help us to know more clearly who we are and be authentic.


The ultimate goal of a breathing program is to breathe properly and breathe as little as possible, because these are aspects that affect longevity, health and energy.

Practice is the best teacher

As a breathing teacher and a health and performance coach, I worked with a large number of athletes and people of the general population. Each person I worked with is a unique individual, and although I applied the same system during the assessment, each one sought a new approach, encouraged new questions and asked me to develop additional subtle skills. By teaching them about breath, about the connection between breath and movement, I learned from them and got to know new tones of my consciousness.

I worked with athletes who wanted to improve their endurance and quality of recovery. In addition to breathing re-education techniques, they were given additional breathing exercises to apply before training, during training, and before matches. In particular, we went through techniques for improving recovery after training/game and before going to bed.
I have worked with many working adults, half-healthy, who were not actually sick but were not optimally healthy either. The high level of stress began to change their performance and quality of life, contributing to the development of various difficulties. There, I gave special emphasis to relaxation techniques, different routines that occasionally interrupt a day of sitting and a day full of multitasking.
There were also many cases of asthma, sleep disorders, post-covid respiratory problems, allergies and a series of inadequate immune responses, each of which required the application of different methods and approaches.
A large number of people in the general population were actually women in perimenopause and menopause, many of whom were extremely exhausted, anxious, lost from various self-help methods and were looking for some clear, intelligent and precise program. An important aspect of working with this group is working on hormonal balance, establishing a proper sleeping and waking pattern, and applying techniques to reduce stress and raise internal energy.
One of the most inspiring groups I have worked with are children, brought by conscious and intuitive parents. There were children with panic attacks, with asthma, with frequent shortness of breath when exercising, children with speech problems, with a low level of concentration and focus, and children prone to anxiety. Their adaptability to smart programs is incredible, and their effects, which are shown in a very short period of time, are incredible too.
Sometimes my eyes would truly tear up, seeing how close and natural it all is to them, and how easily they learn the techniques and happily implement them.
Some would be aware that right in front of me I am looking at a future teacher, from whom we will all learn in the time to come.

All of these participants, without exception, had wonderful and positive results. They began to live and function better, and all their biomarkers improved, and what is most important, they became happier and more fulfilled.

My story

After 26 years of working as a trainer, teacher and therapist and after over 20 years of working on myself, on my consciousness, I am happy to have the opportunity to combine these knowledge, experiences, insights and techniques into one. I am happy that I was encouraged by this indivisibility of approach.
Guided by intuition, I continuously learned from science and from tradition, one for the profession and the other for myself, in order to finally wait for the time when one invites the other to unite, when there is no barrier in my heart, in my brain and in my reality to they merge.

Mirela Anić

I feel blessed for the road behind me and the road ahead. My path, my teachers and the spirit in me encourage me to live my truth, to combine what I have learned and to live even more strongly the sincere intention to contribute in a positive way to the world in which I operate.

I truly believe in the miraculous powers and healing properties of breath and movement. I know that they are the basis of every healing, every realization of potential, development of skills and every path to self-knowledge. That is precisely why they are the basis of my work, the basis of my personal practice and health, and the basis of my life.

Therefore, if you want to be healthier and more vital, if you want to be braver and more centered, if you want to be authentic, joyful and fulfilled, find a breathing teacher who resonates with you and embark on a wonderful adventure with breath.

Let the breath be your friend, your super power and your companion towards the harmony of life!

AOR Columnist Mirela Anić

Mirela Anić

Kinesiologist, Breathwork Teacher

Health & Performance Coach

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