The Gem of October


The snake is caught by the head. The future is mastered within the past. Knowledge is Athena, thunder and the sound of guitars and drums. It incites action. The king of every action is Mars. And without Venus, there is no wider picture.

You can get the snake’s head on a platter and become a true king. Not a persona, but a phenomenonNobody and everything. When you hold the snake close, it will not bite you, just as you should not bite the hand that led you to the stars and brought you the Holy Grail.

Knowledge is power. You must not steal the knowledge. That is the path of destruction. Codes cannot enter an unprepared body and an immoral spirit. Also, if you look just at the one planet, you’ll miss the Galaxy Central that is already yours. Earn the sovereignty.

Tantalizing enigma: Multiplying 2 starting with 1. 1 times 2 is 2, 2 times 2 is 4, 2 times 4 is 8, 2 times 8 is 16 and the digital root of 16 is 1+6. Find the key. 3-6-9.

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