The Vibrant Life of Crystals: How Origins Shape Their Energy and Care


Crystals, nature's ethereal masterpieces, have captivated humanity's imagination for millennia. These shimmering jewels of the Earth have found their way into the spiritual, medicinal, and daily practices of countless cultures worldwide. Interestingly, even the Catholic Bible alludes to their significance, dispelling the common misconception by some clerics that crystals solely belong to pagan traditions. The global appreciation and reverence for crystals transcends cultural, religious, and historical boundaries, testifying to their profound impact on the human psyche. Let’s dive into the experience behind the words.

Everything is Alive

How better to begin a story about crystals than with the statement: "Everything is alive." Everything on this planet has its vibration - its frequency. Many civilizations and cultures believe that everything on Earth has a soul, that life exists in all things.

 For most of us who grew up in Western culture, predominantly of the Catholic denomination, it can sometimes be challenging to grasp this. However, remember, many only identify as Catholics on paper, and the vast majority don't live by Catholic principles.

Understanding Life in All Forms

For urban dwellers, distanced from nature, it might seem far-fetched to believe that a stone can be alive. We can easily accept that trees and plants are alive because we observe them change with the seasons. But crystals, which grow just 1 cm in hundreds of thousands of years, challenge our perception.

 Throughout history, humans have been drawn to the minerals and crystals of Mother Nature. Legends about them abound, with mentions found in sacred scriptures of all cultures. For some inexplicable reason, they attract us

Crystals in Christianity

In the West, we're familiar with Christianity and the Bible, which frequently references crystals. Even today, high priests and cardinals wear rings made of precious and semi-precious stones. Saint Hildegard, one of the significant Christian mystics, wrote extensively on the use of crystals and herbs for human health. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with her works.

What Does the Bible Say About Crystals?

Archangel Gabriel, known as the "Messenger of God," sometimes holds a mirror made of green jasper inscribed with God's words. Parts of God's heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, are said to be built from crystals. The Bible states that the city walls were constructed with various precious stones, each with its significance.

 Crystals have become an integral part of modern civilization and technology. We find them in phones and TVs, where they conduct electricity, store information, and enable the functioning of our devices.

The Age of Crystals and Their Formation

Scientists have identified the oldest mineral as being 4.2 billion years old. These crystals formed deep within the Earth, in pockets under immense pressure, amid the heat of lava. They are the result of a mix of gases, minerals, and organic elements.

Rhythm of Life

Everything alive has its rhythm. From the cycle of seasons, the dance of the sun and moon, to our heartbeat and breath, rhythms surround us. Mother Earth, too, has her frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance. Today, we can find numerous scientific studies highlighting the importance and benefits of Earth's electromagnetic field and grounding.

 Similarly, crystals have their rhythm or frequency. Some individuals can even feel or hear it.

Seeking Knowledge in the Digital Age

For those reading this, you might relate to my journey. We, crystal enthusiasts, often share a similar story. Before the internet, our main sources were scarce books. Then the digital age dawned, making information more accessible.

 One key realization for me was the fact that crystals like citrine and quartz were found growing together naturally, contrary to the writings of a known expert. From that moment, I began questioning everything I'd learned about crystals.

Cleaning Crystals: Myths and Questions

Today, there's a wealth of information online and in books about cleaning crystals. There are numerous methods: using rice, smoke, sun/moon exposure, water, salt, thought, bioenergy, essential oils, sound, and other crystals. But do they genuinely work? How did someone determine that a crystal needs exactly 15 minutes under tap water for cleansing? Why does another need only 5 minutes? And why are some supposedly self-cleaning?

 The above poses critical questions, urging us to keep our minds open and always seek knowledge.

Understanding Crystals Through a Unique Lens

In a moment, the cogs in my mind aligned, and I realized that everything ever written about crystals was penned by a unique individual. Each person perceives the world through their own unique fractal lens, shaped by their ancestry and experiences from this and past lives. This unique perspective is what gives the writer a singular view of the world. Why shouldn't I be able to perceive and understand this in my own distinct way? I decided to set aside everything I've read and to connect with crystals through my heart and senses. My hope is to inspire you, the reader, to do the same – to forget what you've learned and to forge your own experiences, trusting your inner feelings.

Crystals: Nature's Memory Stick

Returning to the beginning, almost 4 billion years ago, we understand that the majority of currently known and popular crystals have spent at least 60 million years deep within Earth's core. These crystals have not seen sunlight, moonlight, nor have they been touched by frequent water or rice, but only the moist, dark earth and its vibrations – its song and the magical electromagnetic field. The Schumann frequency, which measures the pulse or vibration, is a representation of Gaia - Mother Earth. All living beings with alpha waves in their brain can feel a change in this frequency as a direct shift in perception.

Earth's Magnetic Field and Crystals

According to Wikipedia, Earth's magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, is generated by the movement of molten iron and nickel in the outer core of the Earth. This natural process, called a geo-dynamo, is due to heat escaping from the core. The Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances excited by lightning discharges between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

The Importance of Crystal's Origin in its Care

In my experiments on how to cleanse a crystal, some unfortunately suffered damages from exposure to the sun or sea salt. Some crystals, like Mexican fluorite, were harmed by the sea salt, while others, like Croatian selenite, remained perfect and vibrant. The location of a crystal's origin is crucial in understanding how to care for it energetically.

Why Cleanse Crystals?

Why does a crystal, which has spent millions of years in Earth's womb, suddenly need our care? From the moment a crystal is excavated and prepared for commercial use, it begins absorbing information. It comes in contact with modern technology and absorbs those vibrations, as well as the plethora of emotions radiated by humans. Over time, a crystal can lose its natural rhythm, which can manifest physically as a loss of shine or clarity.

Personal Experience: The Balance of Energies

Years ago, during a music festival, my husband, who is extremely sensitive to energies, wore a combination of black tourmaline and pyrite. As the day progressed, he felt increasingly unwell, both physically and mentally. On my intuitive guidance, I buried his necklace, and his condition improved. This experience taught us that a crystal's energy state can affect our well-being.

Crystals as Wise Companions

Crystals teach us to find inner peace and trust ourselves. As we remain still, we can better feel and hear them, ensuring proper care. They serve as wise companions, outliving us and sharing our stories with future generations that know how to listen.

 Until the next crystal paragraphs, leave the crystals ‘wild’ to enter into their world of organic.



Born to create and tell stories of crystals using clay and wood. My love for crystals began in high school, in the Art and Painting department, and then deepened during my studies in Textile Technology and Fashion Design. However, my true love for the crystal world began when I started exploring the mystical world of American shamanism, and this love has lasted for 22 years, and still grow.

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