First sport tale with the real challenges of the profesional athletes

Kids playing basketball

 In the realm of sports, where glory and victory often take center stage, there exists a world shrouded in shadows — a world where the unseen battles of professional athletes unfold. Step beyond the arena's spotlight and delve into the untold stories that define the journey of those who push the limits of human potential. Welcome to the inaugural chapter of our 'First Sport Tale with the Real Challenges of Professional Athletes.' Embark on a narrative journey that transcends the cheers and triumphs, revealing the raw and unfiltered realities that athletes grapple with behind closed doors. This is not just another sports story; it's an exploration of the heart, spirit, and resilience that characterize the extraordinary individuals who live for the game.


Everything is beautiful. That is, something between an innocent game and the talent you discover for this sport that would give you a lot and take away, perhaps, even more. But then you had no reason to think so far ahead. You were just impatient to train, enter a competition for the first time and enjoy yourself even when you don't have the best race of your career so far. All that matters is that you liked to start but also to move on. Your childhood has changed and you are very happy with what is happening to you. It's as if you look different, you made new friends, your parents, you have the impression that they are more satisfied than ever with you, and at school, your colleagues look at you with a bit of envy. Everything is perfect, no one asks you for anything or imposes anything on you, it's almost like congratulating yourself for the best decision you've ever made: to do sports! But you didn't even imagine what would follow!

Kids playing basketball

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You have already participated in many competitions in which you played, had fun and the world that takes care of you (coaches, parents) seems to no longer accept that you do this just as an innocent childhood pleasure. You hear more and more often that "you are very talented" but also that "you don't do everything to capitalize on that talent". Does it seem to you or suddenly someone really expects something from you? Even the next day, at training, you hear some reproaches for the way you "managed" the race yesterday! And at home, what do you see, your father is a little upset that you didn't win. He also tells you that he no longer comes to the stands to see you in 2nd place. Do you know what this is? It's called pressure. It is the first time you have to deal with her and you want to believe that it will be the last. But you are wrong. Anyway, you have no choice, you have to accept it, even though suddenly you wake up with thoughts that don't give you peace. You took up this sport just to enjoy all that it means and little by little some masters have taken over your life.

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But you said that you get over it too, especially since in the last competitions you won almost all of them. You climbed the podium, you received diplomas, the fans are chanting your name, your photo appeared in the newspaper, and a gentleman "in love" with your talent has just offered to sponsor your next trips as well as everything that means the equipment of an athlete performance! Does it suit you or do you also feel that all this has a price that condemns you to always win? But you tell yourself that it doesn't even matter anymore, the present makes you happy and confident that you can fight with absolutely anyone. Why think so much? A week with lots of training and the most important competition so far awaits you.

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When everything seemed to be on track, the loved one who should support you the most suddenly told you that they should take a break. That she is no longer so sure that she wants to be with you. It still seems to you that you misunderstood, but she immediately gives you the reasons: you are at training every day, and at the weekend, at competitions. And when you have free time, you stay at home and rest. Of course she appreciates you for how hard you work, but she wants a man who will give her more attention and more time in his life. And you can't do that. Can you blame her? Obviously not, it's her life, but you're confused and you remember that she also told you a while ago that she would do anything to make this relationship work. You even hoped for a whole life together with her and now it's like she abandoned you. Why ? Did she lie to you or did she change? Or is it the price you are slowly starting to pay for this sport that you thought would give you everything and take nothing away?


All the while, someone is still watching you: the media. You're just the star, aren't you? At first you liked it: all the articles and photos were about "the beautiful and talented child who will grow up!". Now you feel hunted and you can no longer make even a single wrong step without feeling that someone will talk about it and everyone will find out immediately. You read and you can't believe it: you find out that you lead a messy expatriate life, that you don't prepare so well anymore, that you drink alcohol and smoke even though you've never done it and many other things. So the previous praises have been replaced with rumors and even lies about you that make your fans, sponsors and colleagues look at you differently and doubt you. Who has time to look for the truth?


Stay calm and try to solve another problem that seems to stress you more and more: your future. You want it to be quieter and you manage to sign a new contract with the club that has determined that it values ​​you. Suddenly, your plans change: you dream of a large family, you can buy a bigger house, a more expensive car, and the exotic vacations you've been imagining for a long time are closer than ever. Without realizing how quickly time has passed, you realize that it has been several months since you received your money. All this time you have trained, competed, suffered and hoped that "next week" this problem will be solved as well. Isn't that how your boss always answered you? He, who went to your competitions on a private plane, while you stayed "two days" in the coach when you had competitions at other times. When you told them that you will terminate the contract if they don't pay you, they told you that you can leave quietly, no one is irreplaceable. So this is how they appreciated you...




Now, after realizing that everything in life is not as you expected it to be, even through no fault of your own, you start the first training session of another "new week" very motivated. But you make a wrong move, you scream in pain and you immediately go for a detailed medical check-up. The doctor's verdict is relentless and shatters your dreams: the injury is very serious. You ask for a glass of water and you have the impression that everything you built fell apart in a second. You wake up without wanting to with a new life that you don't like at all: instead of training you go to recovery, and instead of competitions you go to a psychologist. Every day is the same and you don't even have the strength to turn on the TV to see who won the competition you didn't get to. The planet spins with you, even though, in your heart, you keep telling yourself that nothing is over. You know that you will come back even stronger and this was seen from the first day when you came back with your colleagues. You don't even know when two months have passed, but it doesn't even matter anymore, you're back and life has started to smile at you again.


Unfortunately, this very week in which you will compete again, you did not manage to be in the best shape. It was normal after such a break. The stress after the injury and the stakes of the upcoming contest weighed on you more than you thought. Everyone is encouraging you these days more than ever and you realize again how high their expectations of you have become. And you don't feel comfortable at all when you know that you have to thank some people who have no idea how hard it has been for you lately. The sponsor appears and tells you that it would not be good to disappoint him by forgetting that a month ago you were in a hospital bed. You have the impression that you are still in control of the situation, but as the competition approaches, you become more and more nervous and skeptical that you can win. What is happening with you ? From the innocent pleasure of competing, to the obligation not to betray others' trust in you. Well, that's a change.

First sport tale

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The competition was a "disaster". As you've been living these days, maybe you expected this result, but those people around you, sure, didn't. From angel you became "demon" overnight. Applause had turned into criticism and praise into accusations. As if you were responsible for the happiness of mankind. Everyone's trust in you had dropped to a minimum and no one even came to tell you: "keep calm, you went through a hard time". Then you finally understood that victory has many parents, and defeat is always an orphan. You felt alone, lost in space and afraid of what would come next in your career! But in those moments, it was as if you didn't even want anything else to happen. The innocent child who enjoyed sports had become the "prisoner" of a world that always condemned him to win.


It is said about a sportsman that he dies twice: the first time when he retires and the second time, of biological death. Certainly, you didn't think about any of them when you were there, in the top. You really thought it would never end. And maybe it doesn't even end, if age, injuries, routine, physical and mental fatigue didn't force you to make the hardest decision of your entire career: to give up. You prolonged as much as you could, but this was the moment when you had to say: STOP. For two weeks you didn't even have the strength to leave the house. You felt like nobody's business and in a desperate search for a new identity. Your phone rang less and less and the money was less and less. Who told you and taught you when you were young that you shouldn't spend almost everything you have on cars, clothes and expensive vacations? Who can advise you to invest in something that will bring you profit in the future? You had no direction left, you didn't know where to take it.

And go to the psychologist again to prepare you for your new life. One that couldn’t wait to take everything from you!

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