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Vibrational Medicine – Yoga and Raw Movement

illustration of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

A firm foundation, raw movement, and the art of alchemy are significant factors in creating a high-vibrating life in harmony with the laws of the Universe.

How can yoga and raw movement be meaningful detectors of the quality of our lives as part of vibrational medicine?

Vibrational Medicine observes the human being through the prism of all its parts: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and energetic body. This holistic approach to health is based on the idea that everything in the Universe has a vibration, and these vibrations can influence human health and the quality of life for all of us in general.

The energetic tools of Vibrational Medicine are movement, crystals, sound, light, and plants. Let's start by talking about movement. It's about consciousness in motion, a movement through which we get to know our physical body and ourselves on all other subtle levels. It's a movement that develops a sense of measure and harmony that then manifests in the reality we live in. Nothing opens us up to the conscious movement of Life and Spirit like the practice of yoga. Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy and a very important element of Vibrational Medicine. Fluid movement, or as we call it here - raw movement - is the orchestra of all our parts. A symphony that decides what kind of life we will live in the context of matter. Such raw movement opens the energetic channels to knowledge from higher dimensions.

Woman in different yoga poses

In cryptic language, this would mean that we can experience our body as software capable of receiving information directly from the Source. Managing energies is nothing but pure alignment of our being with the Source. That's when we talk about creation. However, misalignment, primarily through movement, blocks that flow and connection, making us rigid and bent in posture and proud in the area of the heart chakra, which directly affects us on a cellular level. Our movement becomes limited. It doesn't allow for exchange.

Vibrational medicine blog

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In such, and other cases of movement misalignment, our creation doesn't arise from harmony and the Source, and then we are potentially at risk of managing energies that don't lead to our well-being and Source - the raw movement. The raw experience can hardly be surpassed. It is the path to wisdom. But wisdom cannot exist without the medicine of movement. Let's move on to its first tool - our Temple.

The Body and the clichés around it that distance us from self-discovery

The Temple - If you consciously read this word several times, you can't help but feel in your whole being that it is something very sacred. Yes, our physical body is very sacred, but it cannot sustain itself in the millennium we find ourselves in due to the clichés associated with it. From clichés related to nutrition, the segment in which the average reader rarely considers, to the primary indicators such as geo-social aspects, the characteristics of which are like the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. Not to mention satisfying all other factors and parts of our body from the concept of Vibrational Medicine. It is beneficial to dive deeper, primarily into ourselves, and then into all the knowledge that follows the purpose of an improved approach to health and to choose what resonates with each individual and try to explore and implement the approach, purpose, or concept. Thorough preparation is valuable gold.

It is difficult to talk about delving below the surface in the most superficial time in which the human race has lived. Where movement happens through inadequate training and practices. Building movement for the sake of movement. And ego.

influencer in gym

In yoga, behind the scenes, it's about understanding the essence of movement. In that practice, it is good to remove the intellect and immerse ourselves in the experience. However, the spiritual experience imbued with a clear perception of our physical body transcends to the level of pure alchemy of everyday life. There is no wandering through the Metaverse without solid foundations. There is no race either. Aesthetics are secondary. Although they must also exist. They are like wheels of one locomotive that won't be a firm foundation for our temple if even one wheel is missing. It is a multi-level. Sounds intimidating and full of responsibility, but the benefits are high. Then we vibrate with the vibration of transitioning the game, and such a person is supported by the entire Universe. Ancient knowledge has made a significant contribution to a more versatile understanding of our body and movement. Ayurveda is that cosmic ship.

However, the modern human may be little or not aware at all of how, for example, in how many ways our blood picture has a direct impact on our health, from determining our diet to influencing us on a cellular, spiritual, and emotional level. Through Ayurveda, we can learn about the importance of our digestive system in a more purposeful way and understand in a timely manner why it is the most sought-after currency of every retiree who doesn't pay attention to conscious movement. However, if we want to be objective, we will find that even this concept is incomplete. Incomplete because the life of a modern human in their body at the present moment requires some knowledge from the ancient treasury. This harmony of heart-mind-body is the Holy Grail for Chinese culture and their martial art, dating back to the 17th century.

Tai chi practitioner

The philosophy of Tai Chi is deeply rooted in the concept of yin and yang. These forces represent the primordial and ultimate nature. Polarities in empathy seeking the middle ground. Tai Chi is based on cultivating the heart-mind-body connection. Practitioners strive for synchronization of their movement with deep breathing and mental concentration, entering a state of peace and mindfulness. Central to Tai Chi philosophy is the belief in Qi, an energy force that flows through the body. The practice aims to cultivate and harmonize the flow of Qi, enhancing overall health and vitality. Qi (chi) in China. Ki in Egypt. Prana in India. Bioenergy in the West. Whatever you call it - the breath of life, life energy, or inner energy - it is ultimately just energy. Energy, as such, has been known for over 5000 years. Across the planet, people have studied and explained its impact on the human body. We can find the concept of vital energy in religion as well as in astrological texts. It is present in philosophy, culture, medicine, science, and other areas of human learning.

As we explained before in the article, the management of these internal and external energies depends on several factors. Harmony is a postulate that should not be overlooked. The equation is brilliant if you dare to look at yourself from all aspects. Our body is a perfect mechanism. Many who have frequent experiences in higher dimensions get lost in integrating knowledge through its application in every aspect of human being while observing Vibrational Medicine. A magnificent Temple built on solid foundations is an empire we govern ourselves.

Transcedental mind

Let's go back to movement in its simplest sense. Our posture. Unforced calmness. Our freedom and good feeling of being in our own body. Our sexual energy and its Aura, which is a story for itself. Sexual energy is very important from the perspective of Kundalini, as an elevated, crystal-paved path to our maximum potential. And the path can be various.

Vibrational medicine blog

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Challenges come to alert and direct us. When the flow within us is unobstructed, the movement throughout the day seems much smoother than with other people with whom we interact. When trust, security, and the ability to enjoy life are adopted along with awareness and understanding of guilt and shame for the purpose of eliminating their vibrations, further awareness of discipline in our inner power is needed, but without pointed in the heart and healing the pain and trauma from our 'bridge' to the verbalization and materialization of our authentic 'self,' it won't be possible.

We won't be able to immerse ourselves in a clear vision of our life and connect with the Source or any subtle energy that can direct the overall improvement of our lives. If we perceive yoga as a Sacred tool to which we relate with great respect, then there is no one else's path except the path of our own Higher wisdom. We don't need to follow anyone's rules except the higher intelligence written in our cells and let them manifest the highest aspects of the mind. A mind that is in harmony with the spirit, as transmitted by the spiritual teacher and the voice of crystals, Azalea Wapiti, in the teachings she shares through the Damanhur school heritage.

The teachings of Damanhur are well known to alchemists. High-concentric sense is a characteristic tool for them, as well as an advanced tool received by those who understand the purpose of Vibrational Medicine. The sense is an essential tool in understanding movement as our personal signature. Through it, there is a direct understanding of all the gears we are composed of.

Chakras of the body representation

This knowledge of the East has its origins in Vedic philosophy. It was later incorporated and developed in yogic practice and various spiritual traditions. The meaning of the word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel'or circle. It refers to energy centers in the body that are believed, and for which there are numerous testimonies from ancient and recent times, to be able to receive cosmic information for the purpose of achieving maximum potential. Bioenergy is composed of the Greek word bios, which means life. Therefore, it can be inferred how important these energy centers are for our primary existence. Raw movement is precisely one of the portals for opening and receiving those sifted cosmic information. Each chakra is associated with characteristic physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities. By knowing our body fundamentally, we are able to heal ourselves and receive healing. Such alignment is a bridge between the dimensions of our existence.

It is highly likely that most people would have a difficult time integrating insights of such a type through the intellectual-spiritual (higher) mind. In support of this, the System of all the countries of the world knows very well how to keep people in the Matrix. The Matrix corresponds to high chairs in every segment of society. Knowing this, we can even more devotedly and firmly rely on the wisdom and records of our own body.

Chinese body map illustration

Such an approach requires a dramatic amount of personal responsibility and grounding in our own body. A large number of people rarely or never step out of their comfort zone.

This is a powerful form of control that later comes back in life. I am sure that psychiatrists have given an interesting opus about what stands behind control, and that is exactly the answer that Vibrational Medicine provides. The comfort zone brings coarse energies.

That is a term that I have chosen to use on my own to explain the harmful effects of staying in that zone for longer periods. The comfort zone is also a major factor for choosing yoga as a path of development.

It is raw movement through the portal of this ancient wisdom. For myself, I have chosen the term raw movement because it feels like a refreshing summer breeze through my every cell.

It means practicing yoga outside and inward of our raw nature. The practice of raw movement makes me feel free and unburdened, especially during these challenging times. By connecting with bi, I reconnect with myself on a deeper level, and my yoga practice becomes an exploration of my soul's journey through space and time.

Finally, by choosing Vibrational Medicine as my guide through these uncertain times, I am stepping into the role of an alchemist and explorer of the cosmos.

In the Vibrational Medicine the Comfort Zone brings coarse energies. With this term I want to explain staying in non-flowing energy centres which is opposite than holistic approach to health. The system supports staying in the coarse energies of body, mind, spirit, and emotions in every way possible. The purpose is to lead a regimented life. We know what illnesses await us; the pharmaceutical industry has taken care of that. That could be a very content-rich separate topic, but you understand the ways in which this propaganda and survival strategy develop and how they affect the complete ecosystem of your being.

Religion, concepts, perceptions, beliefs, or politics, if they do not value human beings and do not show compassion towards those who do not share their beliefs, condemning others and whose material life and its quality do not align with what they propagate, are sects to me. I know nothing is the beginning of every wisdom. So, do not let those who bathe in the benefits of crystals but don’t want you to experience the same, or those who criticize herbal medicine while purifying their walls with its smoke, speak badly about them. Your intentions are always read in vibration, so taking a casual approach to the holiness of life leads Medicine to different parts of your consciousness, giving it healing and necessary lessons. We are always the ones we are. An apple cannot turn into a lemon. Finally, let those who hide their chest hair or whose bodies reveal insecurities under the guise of a leader, and whose health speaks the truth about their thoughts and feelings, not talk about the movement, which is the pure creative energy of your being.

Lie Detector

For a specific posture to become an asana from yoga practice, a certain duration performed with synchronized breath is required. This practice automatically creates a sacred space for oneself, just as prayer does, which is also a form of meditation.

Or we can reverse it and say that meditation is a form of prayer. Only narrow minds and proud hearts make a division between someone else's sacred as bad and their own concepts or beliefs as good. These are the very same people who will tell you that the concept of the divine feminine or divine masculine is blasphemy, while their concept, to which they claim they are the ones who decide and know, is the same blasphemy they condemn.

The point is tolerance, empathy, and the development of spirituality while standing firmly on our feet and nurturing pure, healthy logic and critical thinking. In conclusion, we can equate prayer and meditation since they reside on the same vibrational scale.

Many people still do not understand this, or they talk about these concepts through the lenses of fear. Fear arises from ignorance and becomes stagnant energy. Stagnant energy is the opposite of love and trust in life and ourselves. Consequently, mistrust and rigidity lead to the expected consequences of our position on the vibrational scale, managing energies from disharmony that can have destructive consequences on our lives.

The Lie Detector is our own movement 

The body we reside in, which has an impact on other people simply by existing. Does your body build or destroy? Examine your body. What is its general condition? Are you currently healthy, and how often do you get sick? Where does your body signal its imbalances through illnesses, and how frequent are those signals?

Talking about the body - how do you feel being in it, and what is your inner narrative? Is it comfort and creation, the pulse of life, or shame, guilt, helplessness, and fear? This is just a narrow indicator of the movement in which energetic records from all other parts of the human being are transformed. Can you distinguish between the emotions you experience at the moment and what your intellect guided by your spirit tells you? Or do you cling to an emotional roller coaster without being conscious of how it can lead you to various painful places?

The subjective impression from a place of disharmony cannot compete in any reasonable debate.

People who have come to enlightening moments through various techniques of movement and spirit have at that moment aligned their entire being with the Source/God or the entire Universe. What label you want to give to that harmony is entirely secondary.

Wisdom is silent; ignorance is loud. The ego loves being loud.

Using Movement as a tool of Vibrational Medicine in everyday life

Given that there is no universal recipe for life, I consider the most sensible approach to be the lie detector through movement. To develop such precision in subtle movement requires presence and discipline. Listening is discipline too. They don't listen to you, but do you listen to others and hear what their actions and material objects say? Through Vibrational Medicine tools, everyone can achieve a light frequency of body and spirit. And intellect that brings it all together.

Emotional patterns give us away. While various life coaches are on the path that emotion creates matter, it is important, for our mental health and the general well-being of all our parts, to consider and develop from an even deeper level. For many people, due to the simplistic approach to life, it is very challenging to overcome their own traumas and wounds from different life cycles. A mechanical approach to life places a burden of coarse energy that has trapped us in the Matrix.

Language has lost its power due to numerous factors and flaws in both formal and informal education. And that's where we begin to harm our own Temple.

If we were to write down everything we think about ourselves every day, what kind of speech would it be for most of you? A speech of love or hate? What about others? In this context, cells are very reactive. Disharmony in cells means disharmony in our health. Movement is what restores the flow. While unconscious movement is violence against ourselves. The skill of an advanced mind is clearly seen in matter. And intentions behind matter are clearly reflected in our health.

If you dare to be honest with yourself, you have set foot on the Path. Once you're on the path, cherish every step on it.

Rituals and a deep understanding of oneself to be in harmony with the mentioned action - are excellent tools when it comes to care. Rituals serve a significant psychological, social, or cultural function. They can strengthen a sense of purpose, comfort, and continuity in human lives. One of the most purposeful rituals we can have in life is the one for preserving and advancing health and vitality. A healthy individual contributes to a better society. From this perspective, it is important to nurture a sense of solidarity and help for those we meet on our journey. The better we are, the easier it is for us to align with solidarity and assistance, to look at life from the aspect of beauty. Beauty looks at beauty.

As our body is a sensitive receiver of the frequencies around us, detachment from our primordial impulses and knowledge blocks this flow. Sugars, fast food, television, easy access to everything, maximum comfort at home with minimal comfort in the body - these are all pieces of the matrix. Conscious movement means understanding its versatility: body-mind-spirit. A triad for further branching. A state without resistance automatically opens us to flow and reception, referring more to unlocking the potential within us. Successful and happy life is inscribed in our body, and there is responsibility behind every decision we make daily.

Take what suits your body and way of life from every concept and make it applicable, and then just sharpen the raw movement to a diamond state. Understand that no part of us is more or less important.

And even fun is as grounding as walking through the forest, as long as the mind is adventurous and proactive enough to know exactly what to do with it. 90 percent sure what to do with it, and leaving a little room for the spontaneous breath of life.

When, after a certain period of discipline, we recognize that our body needs a break and allow it, and when we consciously immerse ourselves in different activities that relax and delight us, the vital energy once again becomes active in its purposeful performance. In this way, we can activate a proactive approach to health and through this approach, we find balance and care for all other aspects of the human being. It is important that this dolce vita truly results in all the benefits of the vibration carried by the Word.

It would be difficult to grasp and assume, in rough energy, that one form of fun activity, which is again a very intimate concept, could become a Sacred ritual. Observing the world around us with respect is a reflection of inner science. Everything we pay attention to - we amplify and connect ourselves to the frequency field we have created. Some do it with consciousness, others unconsciously. Therefore, a sensible move would be to put oneself in a transcendental state of consciousness, not for the purpose of acquiring any form of power or domination over others (intention!), but for the path of self-awareness and what we can do with ourselves by merging scientific and spiritual perceptions, since their common ground is the exploration of the deeper nature of consciousness and the potential beyond the average human experience. Let's dive into this concept from both perspectives...

Transcendental Mind, Science, and Spirituality

From a spiritual perspective, the transcendental mind signifies a state of consciousness that surpasses the limitations of the physical body and matter. It suggests existence on a higher, expansive level of consciousness that comprehends the laws of the Universe. Through this perception, the human brain is seen as divine or the Source, capable of accessing and receiving profound knowledge and insights that go far beyond the scope of rational understanding.

The transcendental mind is often associated with deep meditation, mystical experiences, and the state of spiritual awakening, where many individuals around the planet witness a better and more meaningful quality of life on both physical and other levels of human existence.

From a scientific perspective, the concept of the transcendental mind aligns with the field of consciousness studies and the exploration of altered states of consciousness.

illustration of the transcendental mind

While the study of consciousness is still a complex and ongoing scientific attempt, researchers have made significant progress in understanding the neural correlates of consciousness and the potential for transcendental experiences. Advances in neuroscience and the development of brain imaging techniques have shed light on the neural mechanisms underlying meditation and mystical experiences. These studies suggest that certain practices, such as meditation, can induce measurable changes in brain activity, leading to altered states of consciousness and subjective experiences of expanded awareness.

The mind-blowing aspect of the transcendental mind (equal body) is that it represents a convergence of these two perspectives. While spirituality and science may seem divergent in their approaches, the concept of the transcendental mind-body bridges the gap by acknowledging states of consciousness that can be both deeply meaningful from a spiritual standpoint and subject to scientific investigation.

This implies that there is an inherent connection between our subjective experiences and the underlying neural processes, opening up new avenues for understanding the nature of consciousness and the human potential for transcending ordinary boundaries.

Ultimately, by embracing the concept of the transcendental mind and body, it ignites us to ponder the profound nature of consciousness and the mysteries that lie beyond our everyday experience. It challenges us to explore the frontiers of both spirituality and science, but also biology, pushing the boundaries of what we know and what we think is possible. By embracing this concept of raw movement, we embark on the journey of self-discovery and the pure art of living. As described behind Vitruvian Man - one of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous drawings, which depicts a male figure inscribed within a circle and a square.

illustration of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

This illustration symbolizes the harmonious relationship between human proportions and geometry, suggesting mathematical principles governing the Universe. Leonardo was renowned for his detailed anatomical studies, where he dissected human bodies to understand the inner workings of the human form. His meticulous observations and illustrations of muscles, bones, and organs showcased his desire to explore the interconnectedness of the human body and the cosmos.

He believed that nature, including plants, animals, and geological formations, was a microcosm that mirrored the macrocosm of the Universe. He saw patterns and principles in nature that he believed were reflected in the larger cosmos, emphasizing the unity and interconnectedness of all things. Leonardo was intrigued by the Story of Noah's Ark and the Great Deluge from the Bible. He speculated about the causes and mechanisms of the flood, exploring ideas related to hydrology, geology, and celestial influences.

geometry in every day

His investigations into the Deluge claimed to uncover the cosmic forces at play in natural phenomena. In his renowned painting The Last Supper, Leonardo employed principles of perspective and geometry to create a sense of depth and order. Similarly, as most of us are aiming to accomplish in our everyday alchemy of routine. The composition of the painting reflects his understanding of the cosmic relationship, with the figure of Christ at its center, surrounded by the formations of a celestial alignment.

He explored the movements of celestial bodies, speculated on their influence on Earth, and pondered the connections between the position of stars and human events. Ancient inheritance gives us studies established links between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

This blast from the past and work of art from many aspects is a testament to the importance of insatiable curiosity and a multidisciplinary approach to knowledge.

While some aspects still remain mysterious and open to interpretation, there are plenty of writings, studies, and concepts that are rooted exactly in the tools of Vibrational Medicine.

Photo of smudge

Leonardo emphasized the unity between the human body, nature, and the cosmos, while Vibrational Medicine recognizes the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

We all have routines, same genetic components.

Behind every alchemist's routine is the seeking to restore balance and alignment within an individual by addressing energetic imbalances and promoting the flow of vital energy throughout the body.

AOR Yoga Mat

What do you gain by knowing all of this…

The principles of Vibrational Medicine and raw movement recognize the seeking to utilize various vibrational modalities (such as sound, color, and movement) that resonate with the inherent frequencies of the body and the Universe. Understanding the core of Vibrational Medicine, we acknowledge the mind-body connection, understanding that imbalances or disharmony in one's mental and emotional state can manifest as physical ailments. Holistic well-being involves integrating the Mind and Body. By integrating movement into the healing process, it addresses harmony at all levels of existence, aligning towards a state of greater balance and wholeness.

Movement, when used consciously and intentionally, has the power to catalyze transformation within an individual.

Woman praciticing yoga on AOR mat

By engaging in purposeful movement practices, one can release stagnant energy, emotional blockages, and mental patterns that hinder personal growth. Raw movement becomes a tool for alchemically transmuting chaotic matter, symbolizing negative or disharmonious aspects into the gold of well-being, harmony, and self-realization.

The alchemical process is here to help in that shift from a state of chaos that modern routine brings – to the reality of harmony and vitality. Raw movement, in this context, means taking an active role as well. It allows for a deeper personal connection with our mind-body material, reclaiming initiate power. That alignment opens a portal of high potential in each one of us, fostering creativity, passion, and leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Our mission is that this platform serves as a sacred place of transformative journeys.

As we move, we awaken dormant energies within us. With each graceful motion, we release tension, and our emotional burden, keeping our physical body lighter, freer, and more vibrant.

Maybe the movement is just geometry that we experience with our body, mind, and soul.

I am just giving you the tools; you decide what you want to build within.

Emerald Regards,
Tamara Vujic
CEO, Alchemy of Routine

We invite you to begin your journey and explore further


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