Blue Quartz Crystal Office Assistant

Discover the rare beauty of nature with our twin offerings – Product 18 and 19. Both hailing from a single oval of captivating blue quartz, these pieces are a testament to the wonders nature conceals and the dedication with which Alchemy of Routine unveils it.


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Crystal Office Assistant  Blue Quartz Twins – Product 18 & 19

_Your Vocal Powerhouse in Crystal Form_

Discover the rare beauty of nature with our twin offerings – Product 18 and 19. Both hailing from a single oval of captivating blue quartz, these pieces are a testament to the wonders nature conceals and the dedication with which Alchemy of Routine unveils it. Though blue quartz might not hold much material weight in the market, its true value, from our perspective, is immeasurable. Especially when it’s about harnessing one’s vocal strength in the professional realm. Crafted with one side cut, cleaned, and polished, they are not only ergonomic hand-keepers but also a sleek addition to your desk.

Mineralogical Insights:

Blue Quartz: This variant of quartz is renowned for its enchanting blue hue, a rarity in the mineral world. Its unique coloration stems from inclusions of other minerals, typically fibrous blue minerals or microscopic blue crystals.

Alchemy of Routine’s Touch – cut, cleaned, and polished one side of these pieces, preserving the inherent beauty while being so imperfectly charming.

Litho-therapeutic Qualities:

Vocal Clarity & Confidence:  Blue Quartz is believed to fortify one’s voice, promoting clearer communication and boosting confidence during presentations or meetings.

Emotional Balance: It aids in calming the mind, fostering a serene ambiance conducive for brainstorming and decision-making.

Enhanced Creativity: Its energies are said to stimulate the throat chakra, potentially sparking innovative ideas and solutions.

Incorporating in Business Routine:

  1. Desk Dynamo: Place the blue quartz by your computer or workstation. Let it be a reminder to communicate assertively and clearly, especially during video calls or webinars.
  1. Meeting Mediator: Holding it during meetings can serve as a tactile anchor, potentially aiding in clearer articulation and boosting confidence in sharing ideas.
  1. Creative Catalyst: When brainstorming or facing a block, hold or gaze upon the crystal, inviting its energies to guide you to fresh perspectives.
  1. Affirmation Ally: Start your workday by holding the blue quartz and setting an intention or affirmation, reinforcing your goals and voice for the day.


At Alchemy of Routine, we recognize the priceless nature of minerals beyond their market price. With Product 18 and 19 from our Blue Quartz range, you’re not merely acquiring a crystal, but a partner for your vocal journey in the corporate world. Let these twins, with their blend of natural allure and our artisan touch, amplify your professional voice and presence. An invaluable addition to your office routine, waiting for the right and open heart custodian.

Weight 126 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3.5 cm

The journey from the natural habitat of crystals to the palm of your hand encompasses several phases of a process. Amidst market trends, chemical and aesthetic considerations all play their role in the valuation of minerals. Intuition, the so-called "voice" of crystals, also factors into determining their value. So, it's a complex interplay of factors. Each mineral and semi-precious stone is discovered through a "gentle" path, handpicked from various high-energy locations, spanning from seashores to mountains.

Amidst forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, or the Mediterranean, we attune to our instincts in communion with nature at an energetic level. Mother Gaia favors those who enter her realm with "listening" hearts, conscious and open, hands filled with respect and the healing touch. Alchemy of Routine always gifts the most exquisite cosmic gems, for it understands that the hands of a litho-therapist, the eyes and minds of a mineralogist, the daring spirit of an explorer, the wisdom of the Crone, and the Alchemist will always recognize treasures—even when they lie beneath layers of mud, soil, sand, and grime.

After discovery, each mineral is cleansed, manually and then mechanically, sometimes semi-polished. Throughout this process of love and connection to the world of crystals, their brilliance is restored while preserving their raw essence. It sounds simpler than it truly is. Therefore, if you find a bit of earth in a stone's crater or crevice, remember it's a part of the charm that comes with cosmic wisdom etched over millions of years into the evolving crystal.

Following cleansing, the third phase transforms the gem hunter into an artist. Anyone who loves and works with uncut semi-precious and precious stones knows how challenging it is to capture their beauty authentically, revealing all the "faces" hidden within. Alchemy of Routine often faces questions about how we turn raw mineral photos into sublime art. We simply smile, aware that technology can engineer many things, but it can't replicate the touch of someone who captures genuine beauty through a lens. True beauty resides in those who see and create it; they inherently possess it. Those devoid of inner beauty can't recognize it in others or anything else. A true stone enthusiast can convey this through photography, making the image come alive. Even the most ordinary mineral becomes a GEM in such a photo. Reflect on the synthesis of all that's been written—a wisdom that can branch into countless life directions.

Eyes that perceive beauty in the world hold the capacity and skill to reveal even the hidden facets of a crystal that others with lower consciousness might overlook. Know that whichever semi-precious stone you choose from our organic repository is a 'gem'—unique like you. There's no other like it. It carries the spirit of the forest, river, or sea within it, and it's bold. Crystals possess many facets you'll gradually uncover if you're open to connecting. Aesthetics rest in the eyes of the beholder. Alchemy of Routine views each stone as an irreplaceable work of art by nature, where we're merely extensions. Countless ways exist to incorporate semi-precious stones and minerals into your home's aesthetic or workspace, even in spaces that gather people.

In our creative process, we aimed to inspire you while firmly supporting your journey to infuse life into your space in harmony with nature and the cosmos' energies through this tool of Vibrational Medicine. Such a space will not only be visually pleasing but also a true, vibrant oasis where endless possibilities abound while you serenely navigate routine. You won't find perfectly polished crystals that appear 'plastic' here. You might discover raw minerals elsewhere at more affordable prices, surely. But one thing's certain: for Alchemy of Routine, the entire process of discovering and preparing raw crystals for new homes and stories is a quiet ceremony infused with a lot—love, knowledge, spirit, time, and multidimensional living experience.

So, when you purchase a crystal, know it hasn't passed through thousands of different hands to reach you. As mentioned before, they are software supported by today's science in their healing benefits, yet they are also highly receptive. Thus, maintaining their "hygiene" is crucial for them to serve your greater good. By the time they're with you, they're energetically purified due to the very essence of this journey, then filled with the pristine energy of the wilderness they grew in. Prepared to share a fragment of their wisdom and experience for you to utilize while honing your greatest potentials. No matter what you pay for a semi-precious stone—it's never enough.

No matter what you pay for a semi-precious stone—we always gain more.

Emerald regards,
Alchemy of Routine

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