3004997 Nikola Tesla (b/w photo); ( United States of America
Nikola Tesla, 77 years old, American physicist and electrical engineer of Serbian origin, discovered independently of others the principle of the three-phase a.c. motor and created with the T. transformer the physiologically harmless high-frequency alternating current, high-voltage but less current intensity. Nikola Tesla); © SZ Photo / Scherl.


“In a crystal we have a clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Nikola Tesla


Dear Nikola, the year is 2024, and a vast number of people still do not understand what you meant by that in the 1900s. The world in which you lived has changed drastically. No one reads or writes by candlelight anymore, thanks to you. Well, maybe a small number of us vintage specimens who know and do not know anything, especially about one of the greatest phenomena of all time – the abstract concept of light and electricity as its consequence.


In the quiet cosmic play, darkness gives birth to stars. I must pause after this sentence. It is so alive. Both in my memory and in this ethereal raw quartz whose interior hides the noble metal of our final alchemy, from many. In this rough piece of primordial technology, which is currently in my left hand, while with my right I write this text on paper in one of my countless notebooks. Yes, I am doing this double job at a time when technological progress is so fascinating and fast.


I am not a rebel without a reason, dear Tesla, I just want to feel nature under my fingers and carve into stone and papyrus of the soul – the evolution of my multi-planetary code in this earthly experience.


Electric whispers follow the veins of the night – where all the cosmic stories of crystals are conceived. And they have a lot to tell. They carry within them starry genes and secrets of crystal genesis.


Our human pace of time is extremely slow. You, dear Tesla, were much faster. That’s why you could communicate with crystals. Their rhythm of time is also much faster. After all, light is like that! Photons roam freely, electric energy emerges, a force from the ether foam!

A child of a wide spectrum of light, in vivid arcs it flows, a testimony unseen, where the heart of matter shines. The crystal is the most solid form in matter.

You and I, and only a few others, dear Tesla, know that in the crystal kingdom, science meets the soul. Robots do not have a soul. Einstein knew that too, he knew the secret of organisms and their power over mechanics. But our matrix tries to convince us otherwise. Technology rules the world and still bows to paper.


Bound by abstract edges of light in this great design, my gaze falls on the massive honey calcite in front of me and just the look (given my refined antennas) was enough to feel a surge of electrodes from my sacral chakra, currents immersed in whispers of chivalry and sweetness. They signaled the awakening of the breath of life throughout the body. Our wonderful cosmic software. Oh, if only, dear Tesla, the calcite particles dormant between the foggy windows into the world would ignite in everyone!

How wonderful it is that within the pineal gland there are calcite crystals, which are only recent studies of science, but well-known knowledge of all the ancients, as well as all crystal healers. Bioluminescence.

Our knowledge, dressed in an antique suit, is interspersed with numerous pieces of knowledge. Among them, magnetic currents that flow through us, whispering secrets about the position of our being and the speed with which we move through time and space. Yet, the essence still eludes us; that energy that dances to the rhythm of movement, matter that twists in atomic coils, whether alone or sliding in the company of molecules. We discover it in the states of gases, liquids, solids; any of these aggregate states can be ionized by sparking, turning into plasma, this fourth element of existence. Mass, that measure of electromagnetic energy that matter possesses, echoes from the external electromagnetic environment that envelops it.

I love raw crystals, dear Tesla. All sages, guardians of sacred knowledge, and bridges between worlds in turn. Skilled women and healers. We have broken away from the stone, and for the hundredth time, I will say – there is no wandering through the metaverse without solid foundations.

Alchemy is frequency, coding one’s human software. Evolution is biology, technology, and consciousness, but also a bit of geology.


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