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The Gem of February

Love is the key. A lesson and tribute. The alchemy of routine history of finding naturally shaped heart stones, minerals, and gems is pretty rich and interesting. This beautiful blackish-green, rough, and crafted by nature – malachite mineral is just one of the many stories about love we have heard from this perfect cosmic software.

This powerful stone is used as a protector of our mind, body, and spirit. The Holy Trinity. Malachite is commonly known as a heart stone but in lithotherapy is mainly used for the healing of our solar plexus chakra because our solar plexus is the spot where our emotional brain is placed. Love is an emotion as well, so malachite comes as a vacuum to our traumas, griefs, and other clouds from the emotional spectrum. This is when we speak about the metaphysical nature of this stone. According to legend, malachite was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, and it was also popular with ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewelry, ornaments, and in powdered form, for eye shadow.

All these elements combined make this AOR’s heart-shaped natural malachite the perfect representative of the gem of February. Where you’ll find more reason to fall in love than now. First within yourself. Not on the surface, deeply and unconditionally. After you experience the true love story of heart chakra opening, you’ll just start to overflow your love onto everyone and everything around you. That comes naturally, and the whole existence around you starts to wear pink sunglasses. It can last for a moment or for years until again the shadow of painful experience sneaks in and makes the cloud at our solar plexus again. Life is cyclic, and that’s completely okay, but it’s important to recognize the process, and not forget that Love is the most powerful force on Earth and between the skies. It is worth overcoming every fear and shadow, transforming every wound. Because, just when we’re healed, can we experience these luxury moments of what it really means to love and to feel loved everywhere you go.

It’s great to know the Earth is so generous with tools that can open us to that kind of pure love and self-love.

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