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GALACTIC OBSIDIAN: Star Signs and Dark Stones

The Gem of January 





How on earth is it possible that this comes from the ground? – was the first thing we thought when we saw this black  obsidian peeking out of the ground during a casual walk.

Volcanic glass is definitely one of the favorite tools of Vibrational Medicine for the Alchemy of routine.

Obsidian is a marvelous stone to which magical properties have been attributed throughout history in various cultures. From magical balls and mirrors made of black obsidian to the enigma of the Templar’s Holy Grail made of the same material.

In litho-therapy and other spiritual healing techniques, it is mostly used for protection from negative energies and their impact in the physical and spiritual plane, but it is also one of the main allies in polishing our intuitive guidance. Directly and without hesitation, it leads on a journey where it will show us all the false prophets we believed in until only a pure filter and a clear image remains – of the past and the future we are creating at the moment we are in.

This obsidian of ours, with a gold or silver sheen, depending on the light we look at it under, looks like part of an intergalactic ship waiting for us to decode the secrets of the universe within us.


Pssst. The valuable hands of Alchemy of routine have started preparing a special unit of galactic obsidians that you will soon be able to buy in our shop.

Evolution says that crystal balls have gained a new geometry 🙂


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